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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Since 2010, the day that promotes small businesses falls on the Saturday that immediately follows Thanksgiving. This day was established in order to help jumpstart the economy and help small business owners get back in the black on the Friday after Thanksgiving and continue with the momentum on the very next day: Small Business Saturday. […]

Small business owners wait for Black Friday with numbers ringing in their heads. From running store specials to introducing new products on their websites to churning email marketing messages, small business owners ride the gravy train on Black Friday. However, many small business owners have a difficult time making the transition from a turkey coma […]

Hearing about Black Friday makes a lot of consumers cringe. Thoughts of long lines comprised of frustrated shoppers makes many consumers think twice about venturing out on the busiest shopping day of the year. However, as small business owners understand, Black Friday is the day that is seen as a small business’s last shot to […]

On Tuesday, November 18th, entrepreneurs throughout the United States plan to celebrate the impact that the entrepreneurial spirit has on the national economy. Entrepreneur’s Day honors the men and women that promote entrepreneurship, small business vision, and the creation of new jobs. In fact, entrepreneurs that run small businesses create close to 70 percent of […]

Several months ago we talked about “smarketing”. Although we talked particularly about “seniorpreneurs” and how they can better embrace the concept of “smarketing”, there is a great deal that all entrepreneurs—regardless of age and industries—can take away. As 2014 draws to a close, here are some ways “smarketing” can help with 2015 planning. Data = […]

With the holiday season quickly approaching, many small businesses are scrambling to prepare for customers to swarm their websites and stores. Small businesses must ensure to bulk up their inventory, hire enough staff, and maybe even beef up their website designs a bit to attract and impress customers. However, small business owners should also consider […]

November 11th represents one of the most sacred days for Americans next to Memorial Day. It is a day when we honor the men and women who made incredible sacrifices to preserve the freedom defining concepts of justice and liberty. Today, small businesses throughout the United States plan to honor their small business heroes by […]

Social media marketing remains a viable online marketing strategy that attracts new customers to small businesses. Unfortunately, many small business owners do not understand how to leverage social media marketing tools to promote business growth. In fact, many small business owners have found that all things social media are just downright frustrating. But you don’t […]

This week’s hump day takes on more significance for small business owners who wrestle with high stress levels. On Wednesday, November 5, National Stress Awareness Day is not a day to recognize stress. We all know stress takes a bite out of the stoutest small business owner. No, National Stress Awareness Day is all about […]