Frustrated with Social Media? How a Toll Free Number Can Help

by: admin , November 7, 2014

Social media marketing remains a viable online marketing strategy that attracts new customers to small businesses. Unfortunately, many small business owners do not understand how to leverage social media marketing tools to promote business growth. In fact, many small business owners have found that all things social media are just downright frustrating. But you don’t have to be an online marketing expert to understand the power of toll free numbers and how they can help with social media marketing.

Benefits of Merging Toll Free Number and Social Media Marketing

The cost of acquiring toll free numbers for your small business social media marketing plan pales in comparison to the return on your online marketing investment. Acquired individually or in bundles, toll free numbers barely dent your online marketing budget. Another benefit of acquiring one or more toll free numbers is the increased visibility of your business due to the catchy vanity number that customers remember. Memorable toll free numbers also create instant credibility, which small business owners know builds the level of trust required to change passive potential customers into active, dedicated, and lifelong patrons.

The Truth about Social Media

Small businesses could spend all day and blow their marketing budgets on social media ads, “boosting” Facebook posts, and paying LinkedIn to advertise small business company pages. Most often small businesses are frustrated at the amount of money they are spending on social media advertising, yet seeing little to no return on investment, little leads, and even smaller conversions. The truth is small businesses don’t have to use every social media platform in existence. Small businesses should find the one that works for them and that makes sense for their target audience and industry.

Many small businesses have seen a great deal of success by “boosting” ads and posts on Facebook. However, some small businesses feel like their marketing budgets are better spent elsewhere. Again, it’s all in what a small business makes of it, and ultimately, where their target audiences “hang out” on social media.

Additionally, small businesses can use various social media platforms for different purposes. For example, Twitter is like a 24-hour alert system for your small business. This could be used to instantly alert potential customers to special promotions that you have set up toll free numbers to handle promotional inquiries.

LinkedIn is great for business to business and promoting professional services and solutions. Instead on relying on email or small business website interaction, why not publish a dedicated toll free number that exclusively handles professional peer communications?

Maximize Potential with a Toll Free Number

Regardless of the social media platform a small business chooses to integrate into their online marketing strategy, toll free numbers are the icing on the cake that can help seal any deal, not to mention save small businesses hundreds on their marketing and advertising budgets, and help them see a remarkable return on investment. Maximize the benefits of combining toll free numbers and social media marketing to grow your business.

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