Stress Awareness Day for Small Business Owners

by: admin , November 5, 2014

slow down, relax, take it easyThis week’s hump day takes on more significance for small business owners who wrestle with high stress levels. On Wednesday, November 5, National Stress Awareness Day is not a day to recognize stress. We all know stress takes a bite out of the stoutest small business owner. No, National Stress Awareness Day is all about learning ways to mitigate the stress caused by running a small business and using the right small business management tools.

Set Goals and Prioritize. You may be surprised to learn about the large number of small business owners who do not set concrete goals. How can they get to where they want to be, when they don’t know where they’re going? Setting achievable goals, prioritizing tasks and responsibilities, implementing an action plan to achieve the goals helps lower management stress.

Organize. Whenever chaos rules small business management, you can expect stress to poison the workplace. Organization ensures a certain level of productivity as well as the sense of calm required to operate your small business efficiently.

Leave it All Behind. Small business management is a road replete with opportunities for mistakes. Small business owners who cannot shake the impact of making mistakes are ripe for stress to creep into their minds and bodies. Small business owners who hold themselves accountable for mistakes, but don’t slowly burn because of the mistakes, tend to have less stress than small business owners who don’t leave it all behind.

Exercise Removes Stress. Several research studies conclude that exercise alleviates the stress caused by the ups and downs of running a small business. Exercise comprises a few walks around the block to regular workouts at the nearest fitness center. Many management professionals encourage team members to join health clubs and fitness centers to prevent stress from becoming an impediment in the workplace.

Why Does the Phone Keep Ringing? One of the biggest contributors to small business stress is the feeling that you are losing control of business management. The main phone line rings all day and you have to answer each call to appease regular customers and answer questions from potential customers. Why not acquire a toll free number and enjoy the benefits from using the number as a dedicated customer service line? You free up your main line for inquiries from purveyors and other small business owners who want to trade with you.

Let an Expert Handle the Things that You Can’t. Most small business owners unsuccessfully try to be the jack-of-all-trades. Unfortunately, instead of getting one thing right, they get multiple things wrong. To enjoy the benefits of toll free numbers, you should consider hiring an expert team of experienced professionals who can walk you through all the enhanced services that get your small business noticed. Take a big step on National Stress Awareness Day and do one thing for your small business today that alleviates stress.


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