Along with choosing a winning vanity number, reserving a great Internet domain name for your business is one of the most important things you can do to ensure the success of your new venture. What makes a good Internet domain name?

There are two ways to select an excellent Internet domain name for your business. The first is to opt for a catchy web domain name that stands out, grabs attention and is easy to remember. While this method has worked extremely well for many others, it does unfortunately generally mean more work and will be harder and more expensive to promote.

The second and preferred way to choose a great Internet domain name in terms of SEO and ease of being found is to choose a website name that tells prospects what you do and includes your main keyword. This will make is easier for new traffic to find you when they are looking for your product or service. Ideally this will also include your business name in order to unify your branding and make it easier to receive referrals and for those have heard of you offline to find you on the web. If your business name is available as an Internet domain name then you really must reserve it even if you don’t want it as your main one in order to prevent the competition from grabbing it.

If the second method of choosing an Internet domain name is not an option either because it is already in use or because it is too complicated to remember quickly or will be misspelled too often then consider this third option that has been producing great results for others. Some companies have found that using their vanity number as their web domain name is helping to dramatically improve response rate and increase closing ratios. For example "". This makes your Internet domain name and website instantly stand out in search results and online advertising campaigns. Why? Because it offers instant credibility and helps your stand out and appear as an expert.