In the last few years, the trend to outsource many aspects of business operations has exploded, thanks to improved software and toll free services. The demand for increases in outsourcing has mainly arisen from the tightening economy and the need dramatically to reduce costs for labor, office space, and equipment. Call centers have been offering offshore outsourcing services for years, but the latest developments in technology as well as routing options and tools for toll free numbers have made outsourcing viable and reliable for corporations of all sizes.

Using your toll free numbers, you can now seamlessly employ freelance employees across the globe just as if they were in your own office at a fraction of the cost. Now more than a handful of established websites and platforms exist for sourcing and hiring outsourced employees for all aspects of your business from call enter agents to researchers, virtual assistants, and developers. Leading sites like Elance and oDesk boast hundreds of thousands of service providers and hundreds of millions in revenues.

No longer do you need countless feet of high cost office space, rows of computers and phones, and huge staffing budgets to operate a profitable business if you utilize your toll free numbers right. In fact, you will discover that you can often find even better qualified staff at the fraction of the cost you have been paying for inferior work over the last few years. The other benefits of combining your toll free numbers with outsourcing to grow and improve your business include lowering your liability by not having local employees, being able to offer 24 hour customer service 365 days a year, and of course, being insulated against any local disasters or emergencies that could otherwise prevent you from continuing to operate. If you are not already taking advantage of these options with your toll free numbers and outsourcing platforms, you could find yourself falling behind as your competitors slice their costs and boost their profit margins.