Ravaged rooftops, trunks of trees, and scattered debris the costs of Hurricane Sandy that have spread from the shores to the suburbs, avenues and alleyways. For some, the damage cannot be measured in simple monetary values. Human values bear the face of recovery from Hurricane Sandy, and for people facing the hurdles, 800 number toll free assistance has stepped up their efforts in accessibility.


Besides debris repair, tree pickup, construction and repair services, a lot of the recovery effort happens in writing and litigation. In a nutshell, many will be faced with mountains of paperwork and legal issues. And with that said, the New York Bar Association has established a line offering 800 Number Toll Free Assistance with pro bono over the phone legal assistance.  The purpose of this service, as stated by the state bar association is to, “become better equipped to provide pro bono services to people in need of assistance in the wake of the storm.”


The service, official and operating as of last Sunday, offers free assistance for storm victims for a variety of issues ranging from insurance claims to federal aid applications. The NYSBA President Seymour James issued the following statement: “Throughout the affected areas, the State Bar anticipates a great need for assistance with legal issues.”


With a death toll of forty-one in New York and courthouses still closed, lawyers are taking calls around the clock to help the various needs of those in the Northeastern plight. And besides the 800 Toll Free Number Assistance, local bar groups located throughout New York and Long Island have also put in place programs to help other lawyers whose practices have been consumed by the storm with temporary office space and even case assistance. From all sides, races, religions, creeds and even political affiliation, no one is alone.