Launching your enterprise as an Internet-based company has many benefits, and for many entrepreneurs, it is the only logical and cost effective way to start a new venture. Thanks to toll free numbers and vanity numbers, your Internet-based company can still maintain a strong and credible presence. However, if you lack extensive experience, launching a company in a virtual environment can be a minefield of expensive mistakes that can crush your dreams before they are realized. The main issue (even with brick and mortar local businesses) is finding reliable staff and outsourcing to companies you can count on. 

Fortunately, using toll free numbers can insulate your company from potential issues, whether due to emergencies, technical problems, or just poor staffing choices. The best way to tackle potential problems is not to have all of your eggs in one basket. If you use call centers, contract with two or three, and if you use remote sales teams or processing centers, have backups for those also. Routing and forwarding features for your 800 numbers are easy to set-up and monitor, and they can give you the peace of mind you need, knowing that your operation can work seamlessly around the clock 365 days per year. 
Consider the following
toll free number forwarding options:

Ring To: Enable incoming calls on your toll free numbers to ring to multiple desks so no lead or business opportunity is ever missed.

Percentage Allocation Routing: This feature can be set up, for example, to route 20 percent of your toll free number calls to five different call centers instead of relying on one.

Emergency/ Disaster Routing: This plan can be put in place automatically to divert your numbers to an alternate location should one destination have technical problems.

The above are just a few toll free services you can use. Try out different scenarios, but be sure your manager or a designated employee monitors online call reports and analyzes toll free number information to see what is performing best and what needs to be replaced. Rinse and repeat.