This year saw the release of the much needed 855 toll free prefix which created a huge buzz, so when will 844 toll free numbers be released and what will this mean?

With the incredible rate that new businesses are being started and with a greater awareness by business owners that toll free numbers are absolutely essential to their success and profitability we could be seeing 844 toll free numbers released a lot sooner than most people think.

So far we already have 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844 and now 855 numbers. However the demand has been so strong that an incredible portion of 855 numbers were snatched up and reserved even before they actually went live. In fact there were so many being reserved that the SMS system had to put limits in place on new reservations out of the fear it would overload and crash.

Yes, there are still great vanity numbers available in the existing prefixes and new ones  becoming available. However, there are still many organizations that really need a better vanity number that ties their brand together as well as direct marketers who require large batches of these numbers for split testing and tracking advertising effectiveness.

So it is expected that 844 toll free numbers will be needed within the next year. This brings many advantages. It may help to keep toll free numbers as a whole more affordable, but it will definitely give new companies and those who need to correct their branding a unique window of opportunity to do so.

However it is not just those actively seeking new vanity and business phone lines that need to stay on top of the release of 844 toll free numbers. As with the release of previous prefixes the launch of 844 toll free numbers will mean the need to protect your brand from those seeking to move in on your market share with similar numbers.

You may have a lot going on in your organization today, but do not take your eye of the coming release of 844 toll free numbers or it could be a big mistake that will have an effect on your revenues and profitability for years to come.