Affiliate marketing still remains one of the best ways to really take your business and revenues to the next level while leveraging your time and resources. If you feel that your affiliate marketing program still hasn’t hit its full potential, check out the following six tips for some ideas.


1. Be More Selective About Affiliates

Affiliate marketing can be extremely powerful and profitable, but if you have masses of non-performing affiliates it can also just become time consuming and distracting. Be more careful about who you allow as members and only choose those who have the structure or a proven track record to join.


2. Use A Reputable Affiliate Network

Using a reputable affiliate marketing network like Clickbank or even better Commission Junction not only puts you in front of masses of new super affiliates, but gives you instant credibility. This makes it a whole lot easier to attract the best performing affiliates, streamlines your tracking and commission process and shows them that you are serious about your business.


3. Provide Affiliates With Marketing Materials

If you really want your affiliate marketing network to be profitable, then don’t just sit back and expect them to do everything. Make it easy for them to promote your products or services by providing them with great marketing materials that they can simply plug and play and begin generating revenues for both of you.


4. Let People Know About It

Don’t expect people to be searching you out just to find out if you have an affiliate program. You have to spread the word. Tweet about it, make it obvious on your website that there are affiliate marketing opportunities and even include an email on it in your auto-responders so that you put it directly in their hands.


5. Be Creative About Attracting & Enrolling Affiliates

There may be some other established players or businesses out there that you could really use and profit from if they were in your affiliate network. Spend some time brainstorming on how you can pull them in.


6. Consider Simple JVs

Some people and businesses may not want to get into affiliate marketing for you, but they may be willing to send out an email to their database in exchange for you doing the same.


Perhaps you may even consider joining an affiliate program yourself to increase your revenues. Surely products like toll free numbers that both your business and individual visitors may be interested, and which could even help you attract more web traffic.