The Future of Small Business: Improving Customer Experiences

by: 00juno , December 9, 2013

Small Business Future, Customer Focus, Toll Free BenefitsMany people ponder on the future of small businesses. Some believe the focus will be on innovations whereas others believe it will be marketing strategies. With both of these in mind, what is the common factor between the two?

If you thought customer experience, you’re right! Customer experience is the basis of everything you do in your business. Customers are the reason why you are in business and the very roots beneath your success. Without customers you have no business.

Some what are some ways you can improve on customer experience and ensure the future success of your small business?

Learn Customer Needs

New innovations and marketing strategies will always be based on customer needs. You are not marketing products or services for yourself, and innovations aren’t developed and designed just so you can say that you have and use them. Customers should be your guideline. Customer needs should determine how you market your products and what innovations you integrate into doing so.

Stay Focused

The center of your world should always be your customers. Don’t even move away from this. Sure, the quality of your products and services are certainly important, but if you keep your customer focus centered, everything you need will already be there.

If you are in the process of developing or improving a new product or service, the thoughts you need to keep in the back of your mind should be: what does the customer want? How can we make the product or service more convenient and personalized for them? How can we enrich their experience? How can we keep our product or service cost effective for us as well as a reasonable and affordable price for the customer?

What You See is What You Get

All small business owners and entrepreneurs know that customers first look at an advertisement. It could be via a print or digital medium, or even via social media. Regardless of how you reach out to your customers, your ad or promotion will spark an emotion. If customers have never heard of you prior to the ad, they form an opinion, an impression.

This is one of the biggest mistakes small businesses make, all too often. If your business fails to deliver what your ad promises, then your customer will be disappointed, which causes a negative reaction because they probably will not purchase your products or services again, and worse, they will tell others. Don’t let this happen to you. Make sure your advertisements and promotions are clear, concise, and spark the right emotion.

Customer Retention

So you seal the deal, close the sale, and your new customer receives what they purchased. Now what? Is the sale over? Never! Customer retention is the second most important component to enhancing the customer experience. Customers don’t want to feel like they are pushed aside or ignored once the initial “sale” is over. It’s important to follow up with customers, see how they like your product or service, ask for feedback, or see what you can do to help them. This will make them feel valued and will come back for more.

What is the best way to ensure customer retention this? Toll free numbers. Toll free numbers are an easy way for customers to reach your team if they have a question or a concern. A toll free number can be routed to a mobile or a land line for your convenience and flexibility as well. This will make sure you or your team are always available for help, support, and service when it is needed.


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