Radio ads go hand-in-hand with custom toll free numbers

by: admin , June 22, 2009

Radio advertising accounts for just under 10 percent of all advertising dollars. It’s effective, universal, and mobile. That’s why many Custom Toll Free clients do direct response marketing over the air waves.

The folks at Radio Lounge USA are in the business of producing direct response ads for their clients. They advise companies to make the call to action clear and give listeners a URL or phone number that’s memorable.

“If you are driving users to a toll free number, make sure you are not advertising some random ten digits that are difficult to remember. Use vanity phone numbers,” is their advice.

Here are a few general tips for using radio advertising with your custom toll free number:

Know your audience. Pick stations and time slots that best match your audience demographics.

Repeat, repeat, repeat. Once you’ve chosen a particular time slot or show, stick with it. That guarantees enough repetition of your ad and your toll-free number with a particular audience (morning drive time, gardeners, talk show fans) that your information will be remembered.

Try “roadblocking.” The term “roadblocking” means running your ads on several stations during the same weeks. explains why roadblocking can be highly effective.

You’ll also find some great advice for successful radio advertising here.

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