Millennial Marketing: It’s all about honesty, connection, and value

millenial marketing
by: Custom Toll Free , October 17, 2017

If you’re targeting your call marketing campaign toward the millennial market, certain strategies are bound to be more effective than others.

A great deal of research has been focused on the needs, wants and preferences of consumers now between the ages of 22 and 40, and savvy businesses are paying attention when it comes to their promotions. After all, the group now makes up about a fourth of the U.S. population, wielding some $1.3 trillion in annual buying power.

The good news is, the generation is a perfect target market for inbound calling campaigns. Not only are members extraordinarily active on their smartphones, they often see call marketing as a less invasive and more transparent alternative to other marketing forms they view as dishonest.

“Agile brands that have pivoted and stepped up their games reach the millennial generation using principles of inbound marketing — a radical strategy that establishes a connection with the consumer using educational, targeted content strategically distributed across the social channels millennials use the most,” notes David Nour in the Huffington Post.

A few suggestions for adjusting your call marketing campaign accordingly:

  • Since millennials spend 85 percent of their time on mobile devices, ensure your website and ads are super mobile friendly., not to mention make sure you have click to call, and an easy to remember phone number for live connections available.  Think lightning-fast loading times and eye-grabbing, straightforward content. One study found 39 percent of millennials perceive brands that don’t advertise through mobile channels, smartphones and tablets as outdated and undesirable.


  • Avoid a hard-sell approach in your ads. In general, only 6 percent of millennials consider online advertising credible; you may have to earn their loyalty by providing content of value — something that informs, solves a problem, entertains, offers a deal, etc. “Millennials want to feel connected and involved when it comes to their purchases, and traditional marketing does not encourage this,” notes Meaghan Moraes on


  • Social media may be an effective messaging channel; some 65 percent of millennials have “liked” a company or brand on Facebook and Twitter, and they’re very apt to share posts and tweets they find compelling. Again, aim for subtle promotional messages incorporated into meaningful information or entertainment.


  • Consider TV ads that optimize strong CTAs with easy-to-remember phone numbers. In spite of their preoccupation with mobile, 70 percent of millennials say TV is the channel with the most influence in regard to their perceptions of brand value.


  • Post informational and/or entertaining videos on YouTube, ending with strong CTAs and your phone number. Sixty percent of millennials are engaged in uploading videos, images and blog entries to the web.


  • Millennials appreciate a deal; 64 percent “like” a company or brand on Facebook to get coupons or discounts. They’re also frequently willing to share their locations on mobile to access local deals.


Finally, attempt to build credibility by allowing consumers to post company reviews on your website. Some 51 percent of millennials across the globe say they’re influenced to buy (or not) by other consumers’ opinions. And overall, they place a high value on transparency.

“They can spot an ad from a million miles away,” Mahesh Chaddah recently told “They are keenly aware of what is marketing speak versus real talk. So keep your communications, advertisements, and content as authentic as possible. Provide real, actionable tips, be transparent in sharing your company values and keep adjectives to a minimum.”

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