Pay Attention! Why Being Memorable Matters

by: Custom Toll Free , August 27, 2015

Multitasking happy business man isolated on grey wall background. Busy life of company manager corporate executive. Many errands conceptWe don’t have to remember much today—thanks to technology. Everything we need or want to know is literally available at a click of a button.

Did you know that humans today have an attention span less than a goldfish? Over the last ten years, our attention spans have decreased from 12 to 8 seconds! With this fact to consider, businesses might want to think of some quick and easy marketing techniques that really sink into the minds of your customers.

Attention Span Stats

According to Statistic Brain Research Institute, attention span refers to the time we concentrate on a task without being distracted. In 2015, attention span is nearly impossible due to the degree of external stimulation to which we are exposed.

It is clear these attention span statistics are a direct link between advancing technology and today’s thinkers. Take a look:

  • Avg. attention span, 2000 – 12 seconds
  • Avg. attention span, 2015 – 8 Goldfish isolated on white backgroundseconds
  • Avg. attention span of a goldfish – 9 seconds
  • Percentage of people who check their inbox every hour – 30
  • Percentage of people who forget their own birthdays – 7


Make Your Brand Memorable

Businesses have the power to make their brands more memorable by utilizing these three key elements in their approach:

1) Social media marketing – Social media marketing is making a huge difference in the way customers find products, research retailers, and ultimately make selections simply by using a call-to-action. The age-old adage: “you don’t ask, you don’t get” applies in online marketing.

2) Vanity toll free number – A vanity toll free number is an instant way for customers to reach your business. Businesses can also blast their number on social media to get the word out.

3) Logo – One traditional method to making a brand memorable is a good logo. That visual representation of a company is still huge in marketing. Especially in a day and age when visual representation is huge, giving customers the ability to associate an image with a product or service is a great way to ensure the memorable factor.

4) Matching web domain – After you’ve created a strong social media presence, and dominated it with a vanity toll free number and logo, a matching web domain name can help seal the deal.

By implementing these three components into your marketing strategy, businesses will surely get their brand name, image, and message across to customers.

A Memorable Connection

While our digital world has changed the way people think and what they need to remember, how they connect to and with your company matters.

Memorable brands make a strong connection for customers, often based on visual stimulation and ultimate customer experiences. Differentiate your customer service from the competition. It’s easy to find out what your competitors are up to, and then put your own unique and creative spin on it—improving your customer service strategy. Toll free calling ranks high when it comes to customer connections. Companies can no longer ignore must-have interactive demands by customers.

What Customers Are Seeking

Customer expectations are increasing and transforming. As a result, businesses must have to change the way they conduct business and how they appeal to various stakeholders. The buyer journey is more complex and sophisticated than ever today, which means your business needs to be more memorable.

Did you remember to feed your fish?



Image credit (goldfish): Alex Staroseltsev

Image credit (multi-tasker): pathdoc

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