Integrated marketing: Let no revenue stone go unturned

Integrated marketing: Let no revenue stone go unturned
by: Custom Toll Free , July 5, 2017

Now that technology is enabling simultaneous marketing campaigns through multiple venues, the concept of integrated marketing is taking off by leaps and bounds.

The method utilizes traditional outbound marketing venues such as TV, print and radio with inbound, primarily digital marketing to reach a wide range of demographics according to their preferences and buying behaviors. As some marketers struggle to achieve results among consumers of different generations, integrated marketing allows the most savvy to be highly strategic in determining how, where and when different consumers are likely to respond.

The technique is also a win from the customer’s perspective, as it enables coordinated branding across platforms without unnecessary repetition or confusion over misaligned messages.

Often, integrated marketing is optimized through cross-marketing; examples of the concept in use are the Twitter hashtags that appear in TV commercials to entice subsequent engagement through social media. It can also incorporate creativity through guerrilla marketing and other methods; check out this example of a creative integrated campaign.

“As much as we like to think digital is the be-all-to-end-all when it comes to getting a small business the exposure it needs, that’s not the case,” notes Rob Starr on “Outbound marketing and modern inbound marketing are equal sources of qualified leads for B2B companies today.”

What are some other reasons to embrace integrated marketing?

– It allows you to address multiple target markets, decreasing the chances you’ll miss out on major revenue streams by putting all your resources into one arena.

– It can increase ROI by diverting your money away from ineffective methods and toward those that are driving sales.

– It helps you better define your optimal audiences as the tools put in place provide measurable feedback on their responses and behavior.

– It encourages creativity and can work well with non-traditional forms of advertising.

– It can be effective for business of all sizes.

– It’s especially effective in fast-changing industries such as technology or health care that require frequent adjustments to marketing strategy.

– It allows for repetition of messaging. Consumers don’t always see or hear ad messages the first time they encounter them, but distributing your campaign over several different mediums at different times greatly increases its chances of being acted upon.

– It helps you compete effectively against the competitors already working to optimize such methodology.

In short, integrated marketing is all about being savvy in reinforcing your branding across multiple touchpoints.

“In this environment, only the strongest brands make it through the noise to attract their loyal fans,” writes Jessica Bennett on “When planned correctly, integrated marketing gives you more control over your brand’s story and paints a clear picture of your target market. Each piece of marketing, from your Facebook ads to your YouTube videos, and even your product’s packaging, works in harmony to amplify your message and attract your customers.”

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