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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Marketing in the twenty-first century requires some savvy thinking and strategic planning. If you are going to compete in your market, then you’d better be prepared to offer a unique product or service that gains you that competitive edge. Internet competition is fierce, and you’d better be thinking outside the box if you intend to […]

Today it’s all about the customer experience (CX). Whether shopping activities are fulfilled on-premise or online, consumers may not be the first to admit it, but CX is driving sales in today’s competitive landscape. Marketers are getting on board to introduce flamboyant marketing plans that leave no stone unturned. Pressed to find new modes for […]

01/30/2015 – 7:53am Custom Toll Free Announces New Parent Company Dial800 Custom Toll Free announces acquisition by L.A.-based communications and call tracking company Dial800. The new parent company means an expansion of resources and product offerings for Custom Toll Free, while remaining the leader in affordable… 08/26/2014 – 9:05pm Custom Toll Free Promotion Lets Customers […]