Toll Free Numbers: Time Tested, Business Approved

by: Custom Toll Free , July 23, 2015

Marketing in the twenty-first century requires some savvy thinking and strategic planning. If you are going to compete in your market, then you’d better be prepared to offer a unique product or service that gains you that competitive edge. Internet competition is fierce, and you’d better be thinking outside the box if you intend to get on board with leading marketing trends that are bringing in customers.

We all know toll free marketing has been around awhile. In fact, many businesses are under the incorrect notion that toll free vanity numbers are old, and outdated But toll free calling offers a whole new chapter for effective product marketing.
How can you offer something modern and unique that puts your business on the map, but also incorporate new marketing tools and channels? Vanity toll free calling.

·      Toll free vanity numbers increase calls by 40%

·      75% of consumers say a phone call is the quickest way to get a response

·      45% of phone calls are from mobile search

·      Phone calls beat social media interactions

Before you get the idea that you don’t need a toll free vanity number, here are some ways toll free vanity numbers can not only help businesses boost their marketing campaigns and drive customer and caller conversions, but also how toll free vanity numbers have stood the test of time.

1.     Recall Rate. Offering a toll free vanity number on your marketing materials and your website enables customers to not only reach you the first time, but they are also 55% more likely to recall the number for future purchases.

2.     First Impressions are Free. When you invest in a vanity toll free phone number, your customers get the impression you are a serious business, worthy of the products and services you describe and offer, which means you will also take your customers seriously. Not only that, they want to take advantage of free calling, and they appreciate that there is still something left for free in this world. They want to call that number!

3.     Loyalty and Trust. Vanity toll free phone numbers create loyalty—plain and simple. Customers come back over and over when the number is easy to recall, and they recognize your brand. Consider offering your customers deals, promotions, or coupons when they call your vanity number. Vanity numbers tend to stick on the minds of your prospects, one way or another.

4.     All Over the Map. A vanity toll free number is the perfect solution when you have multiple businesses to run and you need to be all over the map. With today’s toll free services and call intelligence technical capabilities, you can rely on call routing and messaging to pick up calls for you and direct your customers. Never miss a lead or a sale, and manage your company or multiple businesses across the globe.

While toll free vanity numbers have been around for decades, they are still hot, trending marketing commodities that can take any business through the twenty-first century. It is a small investment to make that can make a difference in your sales and marketing campaign for the future. Toll free vanity numbers prove to be the best in the business for improving sales, converting callers to lifelong customers, and really taking your business to the next level. It’s bold, not boring!

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