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If you’re a marketer thinking “mobile first” to capture the attention of smartphone and tablet users, you’ll want to apply some strategy toward mobile storytelling. Powerful stories can go a long way toward building relationships with your audiences. The best ones are able to move beyond superficial messages to earn a response from customers, who […]

Throughout history, small businesses have been trying to find the most effective methods to communicate with their customers. However, even just a decade ago, technology was quite primitive compared to what is available today. Back in the day, word-of-mouth was the most effective and trustworthy form of communication. Today, everything is different, thanks primarily to […]

With the constant changes in technology and the marketing industry, it seems like various marketing tools go in and out of style quickly. But certain tools continue to stand the test of time, bringing success to companies over and over again. Let’s take a look at some of these tools and explore why they’ve been […]

A business buzzword among multiple industries today is “friction,” and companies are focusing on how it can be eliminated from customer interactions. The word refers to virtually anything bound to slow down or irritate consumers in our increasingly fast-paced, technology-enabled world. And its reduction is being applied to everything from sales to e-commerce to customer […]

Even with all the high-tech communication options available, successful salespeople often prefer one of the most traditional — phone calls. Why? Because incoming calls still offer some of the highest conversion rates on record. That makes sense given that such callers are present, already interested in your product and apt to be impressed by your […]

Small businesses are not usually known for their expansive advertising budgets. The problem is, however, that they must advertise to get people in their doors spending money, which can create a kind of chicken-or-the-egg scenario. Aside from attracting clientele and driving sales, a solid ad campaign can help establish and maintain your business identity, build […]

If your business is striving for a stronger market presence, better customer recognition and increased response rates, you could be missing out on one important tool. A vanity toll-free number establishes instant prestige among consumers and makes it easy for them to remember how to reach you. After all, studies show that when you advertise […]