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September 25th, 2014

Toll Free Numbers, Vanity Toll Free Numbers, Vanity and Branding, Branding, Small BusinessThe highly competitive environment in which your small business operates means you need a branding strategy to separate you from the crowded field. What does branding exactly mean for small business owners? Branding is the marketing strategy that creates a name, symbol, and/or design that provides a unique identity for your small business. Your brand is what your customers can expect from superior products and services.

How can you establish a brand for your small business? Think outside the box by linking vanity and branding.

What are Toll Free Vanity Numbers?

Toll free numbers are more than a 1-800 prefix and a bunch of digits. Toll free vanity numbers create memorable words that identify small businesses. Even in today’s digital age, toll free numbers have proven to be a time tested solution to many small business marketing strategies.

How Toll Free Numbers Establish Your Brand

Toll free numbers represent another way for you to create a lasting impression on your customers. Catchy vanity numbers have more impact than your small business signage or name. Customers recognize the vanity and branding number and immediately associate and connect the number with your small business. You do not have a better way to establish a branding strategy than by acquiring affordable toll free vanity numbers.

What does Branding Mean for Your Small Business?

Linking branding and vanity numbers creates a market presence for your small business. Vanity and branding makes you stand out in a crowded field of competitors. You achieve creditability in a highly skeptical marketplace whenever you acquire toll free numbers. The credibility earned translates into the most important buying criteria: trust. Toll free vanity numbers help you generate the level of credibility that builds trust between you and your customers. Trust is what prompts consumers to make purchasing decisions.

How to Get Smart with Toll Free Numbers and Brand Solutions

You do not need to have an MBA in business or marketing to see how toll free vanity numbers help you establish a strong brand. The hard part is deciding how to link vanity numbers and branding. Custom Toll Free offers several enhanced services that create credibility for small businesses. For more information on how we can link toll free numbers with your branding strategy, contact us online or by calling our catchy toll free number at 1-800-CUSTOMIZE.


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Vanity and Branding |
September 23rd, 2014

Football, Entrepreneurs, Small Business, 4th QuarterThe weather is becoming crisp, the leaves are changing, and the kids are back in school. All these are clear signs that summer is over. While most of us are sad to see the summer go, these signs also mean another thing: It’s finally football season. It’s the time of year when we are glued to the TV every Sunday and sitting on the edge of our seats watching our favorite teams rule the field.

Too many times have we witnessed teams that control the game during the first three quarters, only to see the lead slip away in the fourth quarter. Conversely, struggling teams can suddenly come to life in the fourth quarter and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

The same principle applies to small business owners and entrepreneurs during the year. Many entrepreneurs rely on the fourth quarter to turn a losing year into one that firmly lands the small business in the black. Small business owners employ several strategies for reaping the benefits of robust fourth quarter sales. However, one of the most neglected strategies involves acquiring toll free numbers.

Play to Win in the Fourth Quarter. Give your brand a boost during the fourth quarter by acquiring one or more memorable toll free numbers. Catchy vanity numbers stick with your loyal customers, who pass the numbers on to friends and family members. Small business owners that establish memorable toll free numbers can expect to see an immediate return on investment and can help to boost and strengthen those fourth quarter numbers.

Get into the Backbone Position for the Fourth Quarter. You may have moved the entrepreneur ball down the field during the first three quarters, but the fourth quarter is when you need to score a touchdown. Small business owners that acquire toll free numbers build instant credibility. The building of credibility eventually leads to one of the most difficult things to achieve as a small business owner: customer trust.

When the Clock Ticks Down on Profitability. Whether you end the fourth quarter in the red or black hinges on your small business maximizing revenue and minimizing costs. Toll free numbers increase customer conversion rates by as much as 40 percent. Combined with the low cost of purchasing vanity numbers, small business owners enjoy a better and immediate return on their marketing investments.

Like the quarterback who faces a fourth down on the one-yard line as time winds down, small business owners often need a final play to ensure a profitable year. The fourth quarter makes or breaks entrepreneurs. Ensure your small business scores the winning touchdown in the fourth quarter.



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Toll Free Benefits |
September 22nd, 2014

Female Entrepreneurs, Business Women, Branding, Toll Free Numbers, Toll Free BenefitsWe’ve talked before about female-owned businesses and how that number increases each day. From stay-at-home moms to women holding executive level positions, September 22nd is all about women in business.

Believe it or not, Business Women’s Day first began in the 1940s with the foundation of the American Business Women’s Association in 1949. Since then, the number of women in business has increased exponentially, with today’s number of female-owned and operated businesses reigning as the highest ever.

There are many reasons that attribute to the growth of women in business. Some of these include economic opportunities, availability and flexibility, confidence and passion, as well as the opportunity and drive to close the pay gap and further establish equality in business between men and women. But one thing is for sure, regardless of the reason for the increase or drive behind the number of women in business, the truth is women are happier and more successful.

Many women in business are attributing their success to crowd funding campaigns. In fact, more women are proving to have more success with crowd funding campaigns than some men. This is likely due to the fact that women are naturally better communicators; therefore, they are able to use the social aspect of crowd funding to their benefit. Furthermore, women are able to use their natural passionate and nurturing characteristics to fuel their own success.

One major tool that women have also used in launching their crowd funding campaigns is toll free numbers. We’ve talked before how intelligent and resourceful businesswomen have reached out to toll free numbers and successfully implemented them in their own marketing strategies. Toll free vanity numbers have proven to be an important addition to the branding and success behind female-owned businesses.

All in all, women in business certainly aren’t going away anytime soon. Women are dominating many industries, crowd funding, and the Internet across the board. Women’s natural instincts, personality traits, and nurturing abilities coupled with their intellect, skills, and passion are really what set them apart from male entrepreneurs and what naturally drives their success.



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Toll Free Benefits |
September 18th, 2014

Supercharge, Toll Free Numbers, Small Businesses, Toll Free Benefits, Enhanced ServicesToll free numbers have changed the landscape of small business marketing tools. Instead of solely selecting a memorable toll free number and running with it, small business owners can also select a number of options to supercharge their toll free numbers. There are plenty of enhanced services to consider that maximize the effectiveness of any toll free number strategy.

Toll Free Texting. Toll free numbers do not have to rely on voice transmission technology. The prevalence of texting in society means small business owners must choose to implement toll free texting features to their marketing strategy. Texting is not only convenient but is one of the most popular communication methods today. Toll free texting can strengthen small business brands, as well as attract more customers to inquire about your products and services.

Virtual is Viral. Adding an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system to your toll free numbers allows small business owners to create several menus, greetings, and extensions. Some of the best features are the ability to upload customized greetings that cater to specific customer demographics, and there is no investment in additional software or hardware to benefit from virtual PBX.

Retention and Response Rates. Before your small business toll free number calls connect, you can include a brief announcement that verifies the toll free numbers dialed and the advertisement responded to by callers, if applicable. Call announcements reduce the number of misdirected phone calls, which increase customer response rates and retention. This method for supercharging your toll free numbers is particularly useful for phones that do not display caller IDs.

Drive Performance Results. What good are toll free numbers if you do not know the origination of your small business calls? Dynamic phone tracking allows you to monitor the effectiveness of your toll free programs. The toll free number supercharging concept is an Internet-based service that allows you to access phone call origination data. Utilizing this data can help small business owners see results of their toll free marketing efforts and drive performance.

Record and Remember. To maximize customer service, small business owners can include the call recording feature in their toll free number programs. The feature records every toll free number call your small business receives. If you cannot remember the specifics of a customer order, you can refer to the recorded phone call to ensure accuracy. The way to store recorded information varies from compiling the calls online to receiving the recorded calls via emails.

Make Toll Free Numbers Work for You. The acquisition of toll free numbers is an important addition to any small business marketing strategy. However, small businesses can take toll free numbers one step further and supercharge them by adding advanced features that really give businesses that competitive edge. Supercharge your toll free numbers to really make them work for your business.


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Toll Free Benefits |
September 16th, 2014

Conflict Management, Management, Toll Free Numbers, Small Business, EntrepreneursSmall business owners often feel overwhelmed with the many “hats” they wear on a daily basis. There are many facets to manage such as managing a team, keeping the books, displaying exceptional customer service, functioning as a salesperson, and the list goes on. While each of these areas is crucial, one of the biggest challenges to running a business is conflict management.

Resolving conflicts can require entrepreneurial superhero power. Poor conflict management can lead to lower morale and eventually, rapidly increasing turnover. Small business owners have several options for successfully executing conflict management. One of the surprising conflict management tools includes acquiring toll free numbers.

Conflict Management Strategies

Small business owners have several conflict management strategy options. One of the most important is accepting the different personalities, learning styles, and work behaviors of team members. Each team member also has his or her own “needs” that are tied into his or her motivation levels and desire to succeed, which is crucial for productivity levels and morale.

One common mistake entrepreneurs and business managers make is they often try to hinder conflict. If conflict arises in a meeting, strong leaders should encourage debate, but obviously maintain intensity levels and ensure that meetings are still productive and effectively address items on the agenda.

Conflict management is also about accommodation, compromise, and collaboration. Accommodating team members equally ensures open communication, thoughts, and feelings, and contributes to productivity and morale. Compromise identifies a solution that partially satisfies both parties, but it does not fully meet the objectives of either party involved in a dispute. Collaboration means small business owners devise a win-win situation that leaves both parties of the conflict feeling satisfied about the outcome.

How to Manage Conflict with Toll Free Numbers

So which is the best conflict strategy? Compromise and collaboration represent the two best methods for managing conflicts, and toll free numbers play an instrumental role in implementing both strategies. One of the least known benefits of toll free numbers concerns resolving conflicts.

Toll free numbers provide the optimal way to handle customer conflicts. Your small business dedicates one or more toll free number phone lines to handle customer service issues, such as complaints. With focused attention on the customer, you ensure the success of implementing the compromise or collaboration conflict management strategy. Develop your most personable and knowledgeable team members to handle customer conflicts.

In addition to using toll free numbers for customer conflict management, small business owners can also dedicate one line for resolving employee conflicts. The dedicated number does not tie up the primary business phone line and it provides you with a quiet place to concentrate on the managing the conflict.

Toll free number can make the difference between quickly resolving conflicts and involving yourself in a protracted disagreement that no conflict management strategies can overcome.


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Uncategorized |
September 11th, 2014

Toll Free Numbers, Toll Free Benefits, Big Data, Small Business, Dynamic Phone TrackingMany of the small business owners understand the benefits of toll free numbers. Vanity numbers build the type of trust that produces instant credibility. The numbers boost your small business brand in highly competitive markets. Most important, toll free numbers provide an excellent return on your marketing dollars.

Today it’s all about big data. Small business owners can incorporate big data into their strategic thinking and planning by tracking the success of their toll free numbers. Here are some reasons why toll free numbers are data driven.

Toll Free Tracking

Toll free number tracking provides small business owners with accurate information on incoming calls. Information gleaned from data reports increases your business intelligence, which provides you with the capability to improve the targeting of customers and eliminate guessing about consumer behaviors.

Small businesses can track campaign and media outlet performance, as well as collect caller data that includes demographics, locations, household incomes, and home values. Small business owners track toll free numbers to learn which of the radio spots produce the most calls. The educated decisions they make for acquiring toll free numbers helps them to realize an even greater return on their marketing investments.

Here are some data-driven tools for toll free numbers:

  • First Time Caller Detail
  • Repeat Caller Detail
  • Top Area Codes Report
  • Top Cities Report
  • Addresses
  • Daily Call Summary
  • Hourly Call Summary
  • Zip Code Summary

Dynamic Phone Tracking Toll Free Numbers

Once you decide that data-driven results matter for your toll free number program, the next step involves finding the best service to provide you with accurate data. One such service is dynamic phone tracking, which provides small business owners with toll free number origin data. The Internet-based service matches toll free number advertising campaigns to determine which ads produce the most toll free number calls. Data accuracy ensures your small business converts more potential customers into lifelong patrons of your small business.

Most small business owners use Google analytics data to track website visitors and several other sources of data. Although Google Analytics presents useful data, dynamic phone tracking kicks data-driven toll free number results up a notch by presenting cleaner data that closely ties small business marketing to the right consumer niches. The more toll free numbers that you acquire for your small business, the more conversions you can expect to make with potential customers.



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Toll Free Benefits |
September 9th, 2014

SToll Free Wins, Toll Free Numbers, Toll Free Benefits, Small Business, Vanity Numbers, Vanity Tolll Freeuccessful small business owners search for the competitive edge that helps boost customer counts and store sales. They try to earn the small wins that keep their small businesses thriving in a tough economic climate. One of the ways successful small businesses win in a highly competitive industry is by acquiring toll free numbers. Three toll free wins include portability, flexibility, and vanity toll free benefits.

Portability: Toll Free Numbers Follow You Everywhere

One of the greatest benefits of toll free numbers is the numbers can follow you everywhere you go. Small business owners call forward their business toll free numbers to smartphones and home landline numbers. The high level of portability ensures every potential customer that calls your business receives prompt attention from you or one of your highly trained customer service professionals. Customers despise two things above every other customer service headache: waiting for someone to answer the phone and being placed on hold. The portability of toll free numbers allows you to provide dedicated attention to customer calls at home, in your car, or even at the gym.

Toll Free Flexibility

Most small business owners acquire toll free numbers for their primary telephone numbers. The toll free benefits of providing free access to small businesses include increased exposure to customers from all over the world. However, too many small businesses limit the power of toll free numbers by not leveraging the flexibility of the numbers.

The toll free benefit of flexibility allows small businesses to establish toll free numbers solely for handling customer service issues, such as refunds or product descriptions. You can acquire additional toll free numbers for limited time promotions, such as end of season sales and weekly service specials. Small businesses that reap the toll free benefits of multiple toll free numbers attract more customers.

Why Vanity Seals the Deal

Numeric toll free numbers provide several benefits for small business owners, but by adding vanity toll free numbers, small businesses build the type of trust that establishes credibility. The toll free benefits of acquiring vanity numbers include more word of mouth advertising and a higher return on your marketing investment. Vanity toll free numbers should be memorable words that roll off the tongues of your customers. For example, a 1-800-GLAZED vanity number establishes credibility for a donut shop. Grocers that specialize in offering fresh, organic produce can attract customers through a 1-800-PRODUCE vanity toll free number. A catchy toll free vanity number creates a stronger market presence that boosts your small business brand.

The three powerful toll free benefits of portability, flexibility, and vanity are just a few ways of how so many small businesses have grown and developed. Find out more by contacting us online or by calling our catchy toll free number at 1-800-CUSTOMIZE.


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Toll Free Benefits |
September 5th, 2014

Toll Free Numbers, Technology, Toll Free Texting, Small Business, Digital AgeThe advent of toll free numbers represented a breakthrough for small businesses. By dialing 1-800 numbers, customers no longer had to pay for long distance charges. Small businesses across the country saw revenues increase, as customers began interacting with small businesses located hundreds of miles away.

Over the past ten years, the explosion in digital technology has dramatically altered the way customers and small businesses use toll free numbers, but in no way has the digital age rendered toll free number obsolete. In fact, mobile phone technology, texting, and website design have all enhanced the use of toll free numbers in the digital age.

Interacting with Customers the “Smart” Way. Smartphone and tablet technology has expanded the area that small businesses can cover for attracting new customers. Small business owners can share product data, video files that describe services, and web content directly to customer smartphones. Customers do not have to wait until they are home, sitting in front of a desktop computer to look up information. Everything customers need is literally in their faces and at their fingertips at any point during the day. Then, customers have the option to contact you through one of your toll free numbers and you respond.

Toll Free Texting. Small businesses are also reaching customers via toll free text campaigns. Customers can reach your toll free number by sending text messages via their smartphones. Texting technology allows multitasking small business owners and busy customers to perform other tasks, while communicating via toll free numbers. This approach is highly effective in building sales, as customers can order products and services, without having to spend time talking to sales professionals. Small business owners can set aside a part of their busy days to answer customer questions submitted in toll free number text messages.

Don’t Forget About Your Small Business Website. Before the merging of digital and toll free number technologies, many customers interacted with small businesses through websites. Customers completed online contact forms to initiate interaction with small businesses. The online interaction made sense for customers who did not want to pay long distance phone charges. Toll free numbers have changed the online paradigm, as customers increasingly use the numbers to contact small businesses. You should present your toll free numbers on every page of your small business website, preferably at the top of each page in bold font.

You Can Benefit from the Digital Age. While technology has certainly changed our tools, our society, and the way we conduct business, toll free numbers have only grown with the trends. Find out how you can benefit from the digital age by seamlessly integrating the benefits of digital technology and toll free numbers.


Toll Free Benefits |
September 4th, 2014

As a small business owner and entrepreneur, you’ve most likely heard of toll free numbers. By now you’ve heard about all the features, the benefits, and the wonders they can do for customer satisfaction, retention, and even your bottom line. You may have also seen what they can do for your competitors and how they incorporate toll free numbers into their marketing strategy. Well, now it’s your turn.

Custom Toll Free is offering a 30-day promotion for small businesses who want to test drive a toll free number, at no cost and no obligations. This 30-day trial includes a custom vanity number, 100 free minutes of toll-free calls, and nationwide coverage.

How Do You Get Started?

Simple. Pick a number…and follow these easy steps.

1.      Choose a great toll free number that fits your brand and business by using Custom Toll Free’s look up tool.


2.      Select the number of your choice. Custom Toll Free will suggest 50 possible vanity numbers comprised of particular keywords that tie into your brand and business.


3.      Your account is then set up with Custom Toll Free within twenty-four hours.


4.      Test drive your toll free number.


Now What?

Now your new toll free number is set up and your account is ready to go. You can now test the number by placing it in an ad or other marketing campaign in order to see firsthand what a toll free number can do for your business. You will also have access to the online account management tool, which tracks call history and makes it easy for you to monitor call results. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Contact Custom Toll Free today at 1-800-CUSTOMIZE to learn more about toll free benefits, our 30-day test drive promotion, and see how a toll free number can impact your business so you get more bang for your buck and see results.


Toll Free Numbers, 30-Day Promotion, Test Drive Toll Free Number, Toll Free Benefits, Custom Toll Free

Toll Free Benefits |
September 3rd, 2014

Toll Free Tips, Toll Free Benefits, Toll Free Numbers, Vanity Toll Free NumbersYou have taken a giant marketing leap by acquiring toll free numbers. Congratulations! Small business owners can now maximize the benefits of toll free numbers by following these five must-read tips.

Get Creative. Choosing a vanity number takes a little more work than choosing any ordinary number. This is because small businesses should be brainstorming creative ways to tie in their brand in a simple word or phrase that customers immediately associate with your business. Creative vanity numbers stick in the minds of both loyal and prospective customers, and will help you stand apart from your competition. For example, you can acquire 1-800-CANINES to establish your brand as a leading pet store or 1-800-LAUGHTER for a comedy club.

Boost Your Brand. Many small business owners only acquire toll free numbers as the principal lines for their small businesses. One of the best ways to leverage toll free numbers requires you to dedicate different numbers for specific responsibilities. Acquiring just one number for customer service goes a long way in establishing your brand as one that quickly handles service issues to the customer satisfaction. You can also set up multiple toll free numbers for various promotions, products, and services.

Dedicate, Integrate, and Execute. Execution is everything with your toll free vanity number. Once your number is established, it’s time to integrate it throughout your business. Your new number should appear everywhere your contact information is displayed or published. Your toll free vanity number must be seamlessly intertwined and highly visible in everything the public sees or hears about your company.

Track Success. Small business owners track a wide variety of business data and metrics, from weekly transactions to quarterly tax payments. The same performance metrics should apply to the success of your toll free numbers. You must know the origins of your toll free calls to target customers for future marketing campaigns. Small business owners should consider using the online tracking service Dynamic Phone Tracking to learn where their customers make toll free number phone calls.

Never Miss a Call. Customers who get busy signals or voice recordings typically move on to the next small business on their lists. Your toll free numbers mean nothing unless you or one of your highly trained team members answers the phone. Busy small business owners spend some of their time outside the business. To ensure you receive every call and talk to every customer who contacts your small business, be sure to add call forwarding features to your toll free numbers.

Small businesses which take the time to follow these helpful toll free tips and fully embrace brainstorming, integrating, boosting, tracking their success, and ensuring they never miss toll free calls will no doubt lead to an increased call volume, higher customer satisfaction and retention levels, and really establish themselves as reputable businesses.


Toll Free Benefits, Vanity and Branding |
What is a Shared Number?
What is a Shared Number?
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