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October 24th, 2014

Small Business, Toll Free Numbers, Customer Journey, Toll Free Journey, Vanity Numbers, Toll Free BenefitsInitially, the process of acquiring a toll free number might seem like a lengthy or expensive process. However, acquiring a toll free number can be completed in four easy steps. Once you’ve taken the steps in the toll free journey, you are also simultaneously securing the steps in the customer journey.

The customer journey relates to your target audience’s buying process. What are the crucial steps a customer takes before he or she makes a purchase decision? Regardless of business size or industry, the customer journey and buying process is all the same:

How does the customer journey tie into the toll free journey?

1. Look up a Toll Free Number. You can’t take the first steps in any journey without first tying your sneakers or putting gas in the car. The same is true for a toll free number. Small businesses acquiring a toll free number need to first brainstorm toll free number variations, spellings, and ideas and how those ideas play into their small business or brand and how they can make toll free numbers work for them.

Customers who are looking for a small business, whether it’s a florist, pizza place, roofing contractor, or a car mechanic, are first going to recall toll free numbers or ads they’ve seen or heard. Become part of the customer journey and ensure that your toll free number is one of the first numbers they recall.

2. Choose Your Favorite Number. Once small businesses have decided on their brand and name, and have brainstormed a few great ideas for toll free numbers, it is now time to select your first choice. Small businesses can easily look up and secure their toll free numbers online.

The next step in the customer journey is easy. Once customers have recalled your small business number, all they have to do is call it and get in touch with you to inquire about your products or services or place an order. This stage in the customer journey is the step customers take to find out what you’re all about, and if you really plan to deliver what you promise them.

3. Select Your Coverage. As a business, once you’ve decided and acquired your desired toll free number, the next step is to select your coverage. Where do you plan on operating? Do you operate within a local area or nationwide? The flexibility of premium toll free services allows businesses to only select and pay for the areas in which they operate.

By this point, customers have remembered your number, called your number and spoke to you or a staff member, and they are ready to make a purchase decision. Having a toll free number for them to easily recall not only made it easy for them to call you, but it also established a level of credibility in their minds. It shows that your business takes business and the needs of customers seriously.

4. Congratulations! Your Toll Free Number is Now in Service. The hard work is over. You now have a toll free number. You’ve not only just boosted your reputation and credibility, you’ve also secured the steps for your customers in their journey.

Even as customers have reached out to you and made a purchase decision, business teaches us that the sale doesn’t end here. The implementation process is just as important as closing the deal. As a small business, you need to follow through and ensure that your customer receives their product or service and you meet their expectations and deliver on what your small business promises.

Finally, before your customers embark on their journeys, you first need to define and learn who your customers are. What do they look like? What is their buyer persona? Small businesses armed with this information will have an easier time generating a loyal audience and really reaching their customers. Only then can you clearly define your small business toll free number…and begin the journey.


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Toll Free Benefits |
October 23rd, 2014

Small Business, Toll Free Number, Vanity Numbers, Business GrowthYou spent countless hours wringing your hands over the acquisition of a toll free number for your small business. After realizing the benefits of adding at least one vanity phone number, you have gone all in on acquiring the proven marketing tool. However, you need help deciding on how to best use the unique marketing tool. This means learning how to rock a toll free number to grow your small business.

Your Claim to Fame.You can't expect to attract new customers with a bland toll free number. The key to growing your business by acquiring a toll free number requires you to create a memorable vanity name that best defines your small business. For example, an independent grocery store can create the vanity number 1-800-GROCERY to establish the level of credibility that builds customers trust.

Toll Free Tip: Remember that you aren’t limited to only seven letters and numbers. You can choose vanity strings and spellings that are longer. Customers only dial the first seven letters to reach your small business.

Toll Free Fanfare.Far too many small business owners spend their working days running around in place. The hustle and bustle of operating a small business often leads to the Cardinal sin of neglecting the most important element of your operation: customer service. You can lighten the load of your primary phone number by establishing at least one toll free number that is dedicated to handling customer service issues.

Toll Free Tip: From answering questions about a new product to resolving customer complaints, creating toll free numbers exclusively for customer service is one of the best ways to rock a toll free number.

Become a Promotional Star.Small business owners often run promotions that give them the advantage over competitors. Yet, many of the promotions never get off the ground due to mismanagement or disorganization. The best way to ensure your product and service promotions gain momentum is to acquire at least one toll free number used for running each promotion.

Toll Free Tip: One of your most talented service professionals can staff the line to handle customer inquiries about the promotion, as well as finalize transactions during the limited time offer.

Take it on the Road. Acquiring a toll free number is one thing, but just having a vanity number does not guarantee small business success. Set up call forwarding and take your toll free number on tour with you. You can set your vanity number to ring to any phone number whether it’s a mobile phone or a landline.

Toll Free Tip: Acquiring premium vanity number services enables you to track the number of responses and adjusts your toll free number campaign accordingly. The more efficient campaign saves you money and attracts a larger base of new customers. Find out more about how toll free vanity number services can enhance the quality of your sales leads and converts more of the leads into loyal, regular customers.


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Toll Free Benefits |
October 21st, 2014

Small Business, Entrepreneur, Management, Communication, Business GrowthYou like to impress upon your team the importance of leaving their egos at the door. After all, clashing egos in the workplace produces poor morale that inevitably leads to lower productivity. You emphasize the importance of team work, helping one another reach their goals, and encourage them in their positions and careers. But, have you left your ego at the door?

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners promote selfless behavior, while at the same time possessing “big boss egos” that can cause friction with subordinates. But you can still be a leader without the ego. Here are several admirable traits that real leaders possess.

Communication is a Two-Way Street. Egomaniacal bosses tend to treat communication as a one-way street. They bark orders and send stinging electronic missives that provide team members with no recourse for providing feedback. Entrepreneurs and small business owners that listen tend to panic less because they have received a well-rounded view of how to solve problems.

How to be a true leader requires you to make workplace communication a free flowing two-way street. Implement “open door” policies and pay attention to your body language when having conversations with team members. Remember, it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.

Stop the Blame Game. Small business owners and entrepreneurs who continually blame others for their shortcomings or when projects head south can expect to create unproductive work environments. True leaders accept responsibility and accountability for their actions. Whenever they make mistakes, they own up to them, find and propose solutions, and learn from those mistakes. Entrepreneurs who want to become small business heroes must take responsibility for their actions.

Share the Glory. Many managers like to take credit for small business and entrepreneurial successes. But this is just one attribute that sets a part a manager from a leader. True leaders attribute some of their success to their team members. Employees are one of the most important assets to any small business. Small business operators and entrepreneurs who take the reins and lead without the big ego always reward their employees for exceeding goals.

Spread the Mantle of Leadership. As an entrepreneur or small business owner, you do not have to take the lead on every project. Leaders delegate responsibilities, tasks, and projects to team members, encouraging them and challenging them appropriately. This display of selfless behavior not only motivates your high achieving employees to seek more responsibility, but the act of spreading leadership demonstrates that you are just one piece (not THE piece) in the small business operation.

Know-it-Alls Know Nothing. Egotistical entrepreneurs and small business owners think they know it all. They chide other workers for mistakes and pipe in every time someone needs an answer to a question. However, true leaders recognize they don’t know it all and openly seek answers and advice for problems by asking team members to help them find solutions. Selfless entrepreneurs and small business owners learn new things every day to enhance organizational performance.

Being a true leader really stands entrepreneurs a part from being a manager. It separates the men from the boys, and the women from the girls. But regardless of what small business industry you dominate, or whether you are male or female, being a true leader is really what counts. Exhibit one of the superb qualities of successful entrepreneurs by leaving your ego at the door.



business people Set

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Uncategorized |
October 16th, 2014

Small Business, Entrepreneur, Conflict, ManagementThe Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) created Conflict Resolution Day to promote awareness of the myriad ways available to resolve conflict. Ostensibly created for resolving personal relationship conflicts, the special day has just as much pertinence for solving conflicts in the workplace.

We avoid conflict like the plague in the workplace. Managers duck into conference rooms whenever they see conflict approaching in the hallway. Workers shun conflict in lieu of sharing gossip that saps the energy out of a workplace.

Many small business owners push the mantra that conflict is evil, when instead they should view it as a way to strengthen our professional relationships and our career as a whole. This does not mean we should always be on the prowl for a fight at work. Entrepreneurs just need to know how to resolve conflict, not avoid it.

Let's look at a few time-tested tips for small business owners and entrepreneurs to resolve workplace conflicts:

Sooner than Later. Conflicts that fester over extended periods rarely end up presenting a favorable outcome. The most important way to solve workplace conflicts is to address the conflict, before it morphs into a raging inferno. Conflicts do not blow over, as many small business owners prefer. An entrepreneur who sees a conflict brewing needs to step in and start the resolution process. Conflicts are not the problem at work; conflict escalation is what destroys employee morale.

Communication Breakdown. Small business owners and entrepreneurs know that conflict results from poor communication. One of the best entrepreneur tools to use promotes a work environment that encourages team members to speak out about what bothers them. Implementing an “open door” policy can be a tried and true way to ensure open communication among all team members. Unequivocal and timely workplace communication either eliminates or reduces the severity of conflicts.

Clearly Define Appropriate Behavior. Small business heroes never hit the panic button during conflicts because they establish acceptable workplace behavior. An entrepreneur who wants to prevent workplace conflict must establish concise behavior standards, from social media communication to basic employee manual stuff such as the use of profanity or jokes that could be offensive.

Treat Conflict as an Opportunity. Small business owners and entrepreneurs understand that properly resolving customer complaints leads to long-term business growth. You should hold the same principle close to your small business vision by embracing conflict as a way to strengthen your operation. Conflicts that you help resolve properly not only provide you with more team member loyalty, but the resolutions also build relationships between the aggrieved employees.

Small business owners and entrepreneurs win the gold medal for quickly resolving workplace conflicts. Remember to promote communication, define appropriate behavior, and treat conflict as an opportunity on Conflict Resolution Day.


Conflict Management © andrewgenn - Fotolia

Uncategorized |
October 15th, 2014

Toll Free Benefits, Toll Free Tools, Toll Free Numbers, Toll Free Tips, Vanity NumbersIt does not take long for small business owners to understand the benefits of acquiring toll free numbers. Toll free benefits include increased brand awareness, establishing credibility, increasing exposure, and most importantly, increasing the return on your marketing investment.

Vanity numbers also build the level of trust required for potential customers to convert into lifelong patrons. However, many small business owners never see the dividends paid out by toll free numbers because they never take advantage of toll free tips.

Here are five amazing toll free number tips to try right now:

Look Up and Look Alive. If you are considering a toll free number, you have an array of amazing vanity number tools at your disposal to help you choose a winning vanity number. One of these includes the Numspell tool. Plug your current phone number into the search criteria and see what your number spells. Then, acquire that number and bring it to life.

Monitor the Toll Free Market. If you’ve got your eye on a particular vanity number that you think would be perfect for your small business and brand that is unavailable, monitor the toll free market. By taking advantage of a toll free monitoring service, you can elect to receive updated information on a particular number on a monthly basis. Find out who owns the number, when it is disconnected or when it becomes available.

Get on the Right Track. Your small business never reaps toll free benefits if you don't track the origination of your toll free number phone calls. This toll free tip allows you to analyze data to learn where most of your toll free number phone calls originate. Instead of guessing where to target marketing campaigns, dynamic phone tracking gives you the bull's eye to aim and shoot for during specials and promotions.

Share the Wealth. If you find a number that you like that is already in use, then why not share? Toll free shared usage plans are available based on geographic location. For example, if your small business operates in Florida, and only receives local calls, then why pay for service in Texas? Not only does this reduce overall costs, which is essential for small businesses, but it also reduces unnecessary call volume. When setting up a shared usage plan, simply designate only the regions you want service. Furthermore, if your same business operates in Florida, but the number you want is in service in Idaho, it’s possible to set up a shared usage plan with Idaho to have your number work in Florida.

Cyberspace Exposure. Regardless of which toll free prefix you choose, what your number spells, or which service plan features you select, your toll free number won’t go anywhere unless you get it out there. Prominently displaying your toll free number on your small business website or via social media posts is a toll free tip that most small business owners implement. Remember to always post your number at the end of email messages to experience toll free benefits. Sign off forum posts with your toll free vanity number. Make the number as standard as your signature.

With a toll free number and a strong marketing strategy, you can make a toll free number pay you! Start taking advantage of these five amazing toll free tips today to see the most exposure, the most increase in customer retention, the biggest boost to your brand, image, and credibility, and to see the most bang for your buck.

Toll Free Benefits |
October 10th, 2014

Toll Free Numbers, Branding, Vanity and Branding, Small Business, Vanity Toll FreeFinding the right business name can be a bit challenging. A good business name and brand should be both functional and emotional. It should be meaningful, catchy, easy to remember, and accurately portray the business’s mission and brand as well as stimulate an emotional reaction from your target audience, which should tie into what your small business offers. It’s about finding the right blend.

But there is more that goes into developing a business name and brand. Finding the perfect business name from the beginning can make or break your small business, as well as either make your marketing strategy work like a charm, or give you a huge headache.

When considering a business name, there are several other things to think about. Some of these include your online marketing strategy, such as selecting a web domain that works with your business and brand, how your content is ranked and displayed on the web, and toll free numbers.

Avoid Common Naming Mistakes

Too Creative. The problem most businesses have when trying to think of a good business name when launching their start up is they often make common mistakes. These mistakes can include spelling a business name too creatively. This can make it difficult for your target audience to remember how to spell your name, which can result in mistyping a web domain name or keyword in a search engine, and ultimately results in a lack of website traffic and lost business.

Too Vague. Another common mistake is that businesses select a very specific business name, but then they end up outgrowing it, which can be a recipe for disaster. Many businesses have worked hard to launch their business, establish a good business name and brand, reach customers, only to change their business name later in the game, which always results in lost business and confused customers. Never a good mix. A business name should portray your products, services, and what you do, but should be just vague enough to allow room for your business to grow and develop.

Building a Bigger Brand

For those entrepreneurs who have been in business over the last several years, you’ve likely seen a giant shift in online marketing, including SEO methodologies, tactics, and strategies. Google has yet again recently altered its algorithms, which may be incredibly beneficial for businesses trying to define their brand.

Google’s new algorithms now focus on the quality of the content and how a business chooses to display that content and how it is tied into the overall brand. While links, keywords, and meta tags are all still important when creating and publishing content, it’s about quality over quantity and how you display your brand on the web.

The beauty of branding is that it is your brand to define. Your business’s style, tone, voice, and personality all tie into your brand and should be clear and consistent through your content.

Toll Free Numbers and Your Branding Strategy

When you first launch your start up, acquiring a toll free number that matches your business name and brand is huge. This will ensure that your brand and image reach your target audience and that end customers will easily associate and remember your business name. This is key to ensure customer retention, repeat business, and word-of-mouth referrals.

Toll free numbers are a tried and true way to establish and maintain a strong market presence. By using a good business name and securing your name and brand with a matching domain name and toll free number, you will likely see an immediate increase in call volume, customer response rates, thus maximizing your return on investment. Toll free numbers will help establish your brand and give it that much needed boost to jump ahead of your competitors, which is critical in the early stages of business. 

Toll Free Benefits, Vanity and Branding |
October 9th, 2014

Toll Free Numbers, Toll Free Benefits, Vanity Numbers, Small BusinessDid you know that on average, a phone call costs a company between $9 and $15? That's a pretty steep price to pay for small businesses. While advanced communication technology mitigates the onerous costs of phone communication, small businesses still have to recoup the cost of phone calls by generating more revenue. The best way to counter expensive phone calls is to acquire toll free numbers. Small business owners who learn how to get paid with a toll free number gain an edge on the competition.

Toll Free Numbers Are Everywhere

You can promote your toll free numbers via online marketing campaigns. Toll free number exposure enhances your small business brand recognition, which helps you establish credibility with potential customers who need to trust you before making purchasing decisions. Advertising your toll free number increases conversion rates that build more than enough sales to offset phone communication costs. Toll free numbers also streamline operations, which lead to a leaner organization.

Dedicated to Serve

Memorable small business numbers foster customer interaction in several ways. You can dedicate the numbers strictly to handle customer complaints. Changing a customer complaint into a favorable customer experience is one of the best ways to attract loyal, lifelong customers to your small business. As we know, repeat customers generate the vast majority of small business sales.

Customer Interaction Makes You Money

Toll free numbers are not just for handling customer complaints. You can also acquire toll free numbers exclusively for handling transactions. Instead of waiting in line to purchase one of your products, customers can call a secure toll free number and make purchases from the comfort of their homes. Toll free numbers also get you paid by calls made during promotional giveaways or regularly scheduled competitions.

No More Recorded Messages

What do you think customers do when they get a recorded phone message? They most likely hang up and dial one of your competitors instead. Small businesses cannot afford to lose customers that cannot get through to primary phone lines. Acquiring several toll free numbers ensure you connect with everyone who contacts your small business. Never lose sales to your competition again with a toll free number.

The Dynamic Way to Get Paid

Dynamic phone tracking ensures you get paid. This tool provides small business owners with detailed data that shows where their phone calls originate. By associating different toll free numbers with individual advertising campaigns, you learn about your customers’ buyer personas. Once you understand your customer demographics, you can then target similar customers, which increases the likelihood of you making more sales.

Toll free numbers are a great way to increase sales, without busting the bank. To learn how to get paid with a toll free number, contact us online or by calling 1-800-CUSTOMIZE.


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Toll Free Benefits |
October 7th, 2014

Toll Free Numbers, Vanity Numbers, Small Business, ProductivityRising costs and competition from big box stores has put the squeeze on most small businesses throughout the country. Small business owners have to find ways to get more out of less. In other words, they need to increase productivity to ensure they generate profits. Increasing productivity means producing more in less time.

However, you cannot expect productivity to rise overnight nor by demanding, "work harder." You need to arm your team with the tools that create a more productive work environment. One of the best ways to increase productivity is by acquiring toll free numbers.

The Numbers Don't Lie

Did you know that 98% of American adults between the ages of 18 and 65 use toll free numbers? Furthermore, 52% of Americans make fifty or more toll free calls per year. This is a high number of callers that your small business could be using to its advantage.

Toll free numbers enhance productivity by increasing customer response and retention rates. This means your small business receives a higher return on its marketing investment. Toll free numbers are also a low cost method to connect with your customers while producing higher response and retention rates that generate more revenue.

You don’t need a degree in math or finance to see the benefits:

More revenue + lower toll free number costs = higher productivity

Low Maintenance Marketing

Instead of wasting time with other marketing tactics, your small business reaps the benefits of toll free numbers the day you acquire the numbers. You no longer have to waste time and money building a brand and credibility via more costly marketing tactics. Toll free numbers instantly boost your brand by making your small business name memorable. Catchy toll free numbers that describe your small business stick in the minds of your customers, which make marketing that much easier.

Repeat Business Costs Nothing

Once you build credibility with potential customers, you start on the road to gaining the type of trust that not only gets potential customers to visit your store, but also to retain customers that repeatedly do business with you. Repeat business costs you nothing. You don't have to market your products and services to your regular customers. Instead, you set up toll free numbers exclusively for regular customer queries.

The More the Merrier

Once you acquire a couple of toll free numbers, you can expect call volumes to increase. So, do you place customers on hold or acquire more toll free numbers to take care of all of your customers promptly? Customers placed on hold do nothing to advance your top line and improve your bottom. Take care of customers immediately by adding more toll free numbers and watch your small business boom.

Toll free numbers represent the best way to increase productivity. Find out how you can increase your small business productivity by contacting us online or by phone at 1-800-CUSTOMIZE.


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Toll Free Benefits |
October 2nd, 2014

Small Business, Entrepreneur, Success, Toll Free NumbersWhat makes entrepreneurs successful? Are entrepreneurial traits inborn or do we learn them? The question has caused many sleepless nights for small business owners who try to capture the entrepreneurial spirit in a bottle and unleash it each day.

Many entrepreneurs point to creativity, vision, endurance, and entrepreneurial spirit as prominent traits that they use for running their small businesses. However, other more shocking reasons describe the things that make entrepreneurs successful, including the acquisition of toll free vanity numbers.

Not a Solo Act

Far too many small business owners believe they must become the masters of all trades. Yet, successful entrepreneurs know that delegation creates a thriving teamwork environment that ensures the long-term stability of their small businesses. While a romantic notion, the lone entrepreneur running the ship is merely a tall tale promoted by people who have never run small businesses. Successful entrepreneurs are outstanding leaders, something that is lost on many small business owners.

Is There Luck Involved?

We can worship at the feet of entrepreneur icons all we want, but we must acknowledge that every successful entrepreneur enjoys a small bit of luck in establishing their small businesses. Many entrepreneurs mention that luck plays a huge role in ensuring small business successes. Luck comes in many forms for small business owners, including stumbling upon the myriad benefits with establishing toll free numbers.

What Does Humility Have to Do With It?

Is it possible for entrepreneurs to reach for the stars with humble attitudes? Contrary to the image of haughty entrepreneurs sticking their noses down on us peons, successful entrepreneurs possess humble attitudes that include sharing their successes with the members of their small business teams. Humble small business owners create a work environment conducive for collaboration and open communication, which comprise two vital elements that determine small business success.

Can Discipline and Creativity Mix?

We all know that successful entrepreneurs have highly creative minds that allow them to think outside of the box. However, creativity does not mean small business owners do not need discipline to run their enterprises. In fact, discipline helps entrepreneurs set goals, implement strategic thinking, and devise tactics to achieve goals. Discipline also helps small business owners overcome obstacles that set back others.


Finally, toll free numbers are the epitome of defining entrepreneurial success. Small business owners that acquire toll free numbers strengthen their unique brands to establish the type of credibility required to build trusting relationships with their customers. Toll free numbers allow entrepreneurs to dedicate phone lines to customer service, limited time promotions, and selling products and services. The inexpensive way to get noticed provide small business owners with the greatest return on their marketing dollars.



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Toll Free Benefits |
September 30th, 2014

Toll Free Numbers, Toll Free Benefits, Vanity NumbersWhy are people always talking about toll free numbers? Furthermore, why are toll free numbers always in the news? Memorable vanity numbers create a lasting impression, establish credibility, build trust, and best of all, provide the highest return on your marketing investment.


Small businesses with creative and effective vanity numbers that include memorable words leave long lasting impressions on both loyal and prospective customers. Catchy vanity numbers roll off the tongues of friends and family members that recommend your small business for its superior products and friendly customer service. Of all the nice things said about toll free numbers online and in the news, benefiting from vanity numbers that leave indelible impressions on small business customers ranks near the top of the list.

Credibility that Builds Trust

For any small business to build trust, you first must need to establish credibility as a viable small business option. Your customers have myriad choices when it comes to shopping for similar products and services. Toll free numbers enhance your brand and increase the visibility of your small business. After establishing credibility, you then have the opportunity to earn the trust of potential customers by providing useful tips that help them solve problems.

Client-centric Models are Viral

Using vanity numbers to market your small business is the most effective way to drive revenue, while decreasing marketing costs. Most vanity numbers cost very little to acquire and the return on the pittance of a marketing investment is robust sales increases. You can dedicate several toll free numbers for handling purchases. This is just one methodology behind designing a client-centric model that will put your small business ahead of your competition.

Time and time again, companies using toll free numbers are receiving positive buzz from their customers. Toll free numbers are what help small businesses to spell success. Start spreading the good news about toll free numbers.



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