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March 20th, 2015

Toll Free Number, Business Growth, Small BusinessConsumer demand in the mobile and social landscapes of the 21st century call for extreme user experiences, and toll free numbers are a marketing strategy proven to increase business calls, generate referrals, and boost sales.

Your company, small or large, has a new opportunity to use a distinguished medium to become established within your market. Subscriptions for toll free prefixes are up, as companies seek to give their target audiences that personalized, buyer-centric customer journey. Additionally, recent evaluations in toll free calling reveal that vanity numbers such as 855-JAVANOW or 866-LIGHTIT result in improved customer recall, retention, and response as compared with a generic or random phone number.

Case in point: It’s no secret: Toll free calling can boost sales, and there are four easy ways it is done.

1. BRAND EXPERIENCE. Your brand resonates in the minds of your customers when you provide a toll free number. They enjoy the gift of toll free calling and they associate your products and services with a creative vanity number that literally spells out your company’s name or tagline.

Case in point: You subconsciously share your brand expression and your customers want to come back for more.

2. CONSUMER RECALL. Mobile and social platforms are making it easier for consumers to find the products they love. Whether your patrons plan to order online or have questions related to your product or services, customers recall your vanity toll free number at every touch-point.

Case in point: Create a vanity number that is catchy, relevant, and simple, and customers will remember you every time.

3. CUSTOMER CONVENIENCE. Visit any enterprise mobile site, and a toll free number is present at the top of the device window. This is customer convenience, and every next-generation consumer is spoiled by it. If you’re not offering it, you may not be competitive in your market. Online purchasing in and of itself is a matter of convenience.

Case in point: There is a reason your customers are not in the store but are rather seeking their products online, and your job it to make it easy for them with toll free calling while at the same time you reap the rewards.

4. USER EXPERIENCE. While you consider ways to beat your competition, this challenge is best managed by offering customers a user experience they won’t forget. Not only does your selling platform need to be seamless on any device, your customers must also be impressed with their experience…enough to want to repeat it and share it socially. It’s all about user-generated content today.

Case in point: Extreme user experiences include toll free calling. It’s that simple.

All in all, invest in toll free numbers for your customers and boost your sales. You shorten the sales process, drive valued sales conversions, and promote your product offerings. Toll free numbers are a direct link to “user experience” in today’s digital and ecommerce landscape. Let your customers know you care.


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Toll Free Benefits |
March 13th, 2015

Small Business; Toll Free Numbers; Tax PreparationAccountants, tax preparers, and auditors, are you left with empty days in the months leading up to April 15th? If you need a seasonal marketing campaign for a new startup or an expanding small business, there may be some simple, low-cost solutions you can count on during tax season and year around.

Equipped with some key component to filling your pre-tax days and months with eager clients, you can easily get the word out to consumers throughout your community and keep them coming back for tax preparation each year. A toll free number can go a long way toward the success of your startup or small business.

Just Starting Out? Getting Your Tax Business Off To a Good Start

When you invest in toll free numbers for your tax business, the advantages go well beyond a customer service effort. Toll free numbers can be used to get your tax business off to a good start. Consider ways in which toll free calling can help your business:

Use a toll free number for customer tax FAQs. Often your customers just need answers, and a toll free hotline is a great solution during tax season. Your hotline might feature the new tax laws for the current year or the common questions your customers often need answers to.

Manage your customer call volume. During the busy tax season, you may be missing customers because you can’t always pick up the phone. Toll free calling allows customers to call in and be directed to one or more lines or a call center at no charge to them, so you don’t lose a valuable lead.

Accessible and affordable customer service tool. Over the years, toll free numbers have transformed from an expensive, high-volume marketing model to a low-cost, per-minute pricing model, which makes the toll free marketing solution perfect for smaller businesses.

A toll free number is a small investment when you consider the potential return for your tax preparation business. Not only is a toll free number beneficial for your company, but your customers will also find it valuable, and it will show them that you are serious, and that your business means, well, business.

Branding For Your Small Tax Business

Toll free numbers are an excellent way to brand your small tax business, and they aren’t slowing down anytime soon. In fact, vanity numbers are still a tried and true branding and marketing method for small businesses.

Here are some examples of some great available toll free numbers for tax services and businesses:

·      855 – TAXES – NOW

·       844 – IRS - ONLINE

·      800 – TAXBENEFIT

·      866 – CUT TAXES

According to CountryCode.org, “…today toll-free area codes are being used up at an increasingly rapid rate thanks to advances in telecom technology that make these numbers incredibly helpful for businesses.” With a toll free vanity number that describes your tax services in one word, consumers find your business easily and remember what they saw (or dialed).

Small Business; Toll Free Numbers; Customer Service; Communication; Toll Free BenefitsConsumers Love Dialing Toll Free

Callers love the “deal” in toll free calling. According to recent marketing data, 90% of Americans claim to take advantage of toll free numbers. Additionally, when toll free numbers are displayed in ads, consumers generate at least a 30% response rate. In a Chicago Tribune study of advertisers, it was reported that those using toll free vanity numbers were receiving ten times the response as compared with a local number.

Regardless of whether this is your first for fifth tax season up and running as a small business, you might be looking for ways to really reach customers, boost your market presence, get the word out, and increase callers. A toll free number can do all this…and more.

For startups and small businesses, toll free numbers are a great way to get the word out. Present your toll free numbers in ads, on websites, in social media posts, and on your business card, and really take charge this tax season.

For more information on custom toll free numbers and how to make them work for your tax business, contact the vanity number experts at 1-800-CUSTOMIZE today.

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Toll Free Benefits |
March 12th, 2015

IoT; Internet of Things; Small Business; Toll Free Number; Call IntelligenceSmall businesses which use a toll free number as an incremental tool in their marketing strategy know the benefits of toll free numbers and how they can really work for their businesses. Toll free numbers can boost call volume, brand recognition, and maximize return on marketing investment, just to name a few.

But, did you know that toll free numbers also work behind the scenes? Thanks to call intelligence, business owners have the opportunity make more informed decisions. Call intelligence also affects the Internet of Things, or IoT.

What is IoT?

The Internet of Things or IoT is a huge network based on the connection of everyday things and electronics or software. In other words, this means that anything and everything will be able to connect to the Internet—without human interaction.

So what does IoT have to do with a toll free number? IoT provides business owners with data on how customers connect with their businesses. One way to measure this is through call intelligence.

Call Intelligence

Call intelligence is a way for business owners or marketers to track calls and determine where they originate, make more informed marketing decisions that really target customers, and even focus on business management decisions.

Call intelligence also helps businesses with the following:

●       Track the Customer Journey. Call intelligence helps businesses track the journey of their customers, from the phone number they're calling from to the advertisement or keyword that influenced them to make that call.

●       Aid in Lead Generation and Nurturing. Call intelligence also has a hand in lead generation and nurturing as it can provide business owners with key data related to customer history…but not in such a way that’s creepy. Rather, this gives lead marketers an opportunity to really grab a hold of incoming leads and turn them into sales.

●       Analyze Inbound Calls. Call intelligence allows businesses to analyze inbound phone calls, which gives them insight as to which marketing campaigns are working and which aren't. You can analyze these phone calls by determining keywords, competitor information, and even customer FAQs.

How They Relate

Because IoT connects people to people, people to things, and even things to things without the “people”, businesses can really jump into the network with call intelligence. Not only will call intelligence give businesses the opportunity to really focus on marketing strategies, but combined with a toll free number will give customers the best experience when they call.

A toll free number is more than just a way for your customers to reach you; it helps businesses understand their customers. For more information about acquiring a toll free number, contact Custom Toll Free at 1-800-CUSTOMIZE.


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Toll Free Benefits |
March 10th, 2015
Small Business, Toll Free Numbers, JCW Properties, Case Study

Company Name: J.C.W. Properties LLC

Contact Name: John Wakefield
Location: Michigan
Industry: Real Estate
Toll Free Number: 1-866-Get-Calls
Overview of Your Company:
Based in Michigan – J.C.W. Properties offers home buying and selling solutions. We buy homes in any condition for "fix and flip", fix and rent, and rent to own (lease with option to buy). We will also work with clients to find the right lender that can help with long-term credit repair, to ensure they’re able to successfully achieve home ownership if that is their goal.
Why Did You Get a Toll Free Number?
866-Get-Calls is for a new promotion to specifically go on an advertising billboard. We wanted a good number so that when folks are driving by they’re going to easily remember the number. We’ve done something similar on a smaller test and had great results with a local number, and we’re excited to do this with our 866-Get-Calls number.
Congratulations JCW Properties and thanks for joining Custom Toll Free!
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Toll Free Benefits |
March 6th, 2015

Small Business, Employee Appreciation Day, Management, EntrepreneurBusiness owners have one focus every day: providing quality products and service to customers. But while you focus on keeping your customers happy each day, don’t forget about the individuals who also have a hand in keeping your operation alive and running like a well-oiled machine: your team.

Well, today is the day to do just that. March 6th is Employee Appreciation Day. It is the perfect opportunity for you to recognize your employees and show them you appreciate their loyalty, dedication, and hard work. Without them, your entity wouldn’t be as successful as it is.

Here are a few ideas on how to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day.

1. There’s no such thing as a free lunch…or is there? Serving employees a free lunch is a great way to show your appreciation. If you have a small team, then taking them out to lunch can be another way to express your appreciation. All in all, spending a little extra time together in a social setting can also be a great way to boost morale, reduce tension, and just get away from the typical work day.

2. Hand out gift cards. Gift cards may seem like an expensive idea, but it doesn’t have to be. Depending on the size of your business, handing out gift cards in the amounts of $10 or $20 for gasoline or to a local coffee shop are small yet big ways to show your employees that you care. In fact, most employees would agree that even small gestures such as this go a long way.

3. Personalized thank you notes. If you have the time to write short, personalized notes to each of your employees, do it. You can also send your employees a nice email to show an expression of your gratitude. Regardless of the format, taking the time to express your appreciation and say “thank you” is huge for employees.

In fact, most employees would take positive feedback and a “thank you” from time to time over a monetary raise. Remember, this doesn’t mean you have to write a novel, but even a short note saying thank you for the great job they’re doing won’t go unnoticed.

While it might seem like another regular work day, your employees certainly won’t forget it. Remember that a little recognition can go a long way. Once your employees know how much you appreciate their time and effort, your business will benefit over the long term, and employees will recognize your business as a great place to work. If your employees are happy, then your customers are happy.



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Uncategorized |
February 27th, 2015

Small Business Plan, Marketing Strategy, Business Planning 2015, Toll Free NumberOne of the best ways to ensure your business’ success is to write an effective business plan. Regardless of the size, industry, or business type, your business won’t survive without a solid business plan. A business plan gives entities the opportunity to not only assess their current position but also their long term sales, growth, and development goals.

While writing a business plan might seem like a huge, daunting task, don’t panic. Start by looking at your current marketing strategy. What strategies can you use to beef up your marketing plan to boost more sales and conversions?

Here are some ways implementing a toll free number into your business plan can benefit your business.

Stand Out from the Crowd.

One goal to running a business is to stand out from your competition. Having a toll free number can help you do just that. As you know, some of the benefits to using a toll free number are boosting credibility and establishing a professional image and reputation. A toll free number also tells customers that you take customer service seriously. By focusing on true personalized customer service, your business will stand out from the rest.

Aim for Your Target.

Did you know adults between the ages of 18 and 65 utilize toll free numbers? This probably means a majority of your target audience is going to be using your toll free number to contact your business.

A vanity number can help fine tune your marketing strategy. For example, if your business is a heating service, then your target audience will likely be homeowners and small businesses; therefore, offering a vanity number, such as 1-866-HEAT-NOW that is available 24/7 will immediately increase call volume. It will not only be easy to remember, but it adds value to customers who are looking for 24/7 assistance and support, which ultimately increases sales.

Spread the Word.

Small Business, Small Business Plan, Business Planning 2015, Toll Free NumbersWith the availability of various marketing mediums and channels, such as online marketing, social media marketing, or even through traditional media (TV and/or radio), getting your business out there is easier than ever, even on a budget. Toll free numbers are not only affordable, but they boost call volume immediately, and have a high marketing investment return rate.

In order to spread the word about your business to reach new customers, provide them with excellent customer service. In fact, a study of 1,000 customers in over 12 countries shows that 61% of customers raved about the importance of customer service. Customers who have a positive experience after calling your business will immediately recommend your business and easily recall your vanity number to their family and friends. Businesses with a toll free number can focus primarily on how customers are treated, ensuring repeat business and customer loyalty.

Make Every Dollar Count.

For smaller businesses or startups, your marketing budgets are likely on the smaller side; therefore, you need to ensure every marketing dollar counts. Make it count with a toll free number. Toll free numbers have proven to have a high return on marketing investments.

Launch Your Product

Toll free numbers offer small businesses a plethora of benefits, and can even be instrumental in launching a new product or service. So how does a toll free number actually help during a product or startup launch? A toll free number can increase response rate by 12 to 42 percent or more. This gives businesses the necessary data, such as customer feedback and suggestions to help improve products. When you launch a new product, you want your customers to remember your brand, and come back for more.

Acquiring a toll free number for your small business is not only easy, but it will play an important role in your marketing plan. Not only does a toll free number constantly work for your business, but it also gives you a professional, serious, and strong appearance that shows you care about your customers. Don’t write your business plan without including a toll free number.


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Hand drawing business strategy concepts - © Melpomene

"MARKETING" Sketch Notes on Blackboard (advertising management) © treenabeena - Fotolia

Toll Free Benefits |
February 24th, 2015

A business plan is often something that entrepreneurs overlook. In fact, approximately 80% of small businesses without a business plan fail within the first five years. They can be difficult or lengthy to write, are they really needed, and, who has time to write a business plan?

However, a good business plan is a great resource to have, not just to attract investors or partners, but it can also be helpful for you and your team to follow and refer to when trying to reach your overall business goals.  Make sure that you have the following 5 components to create a solid business plan.


A good business plan always:

Small Business, Business Plan, Business Planning 2015, Goals, Toll Free Numbers

Defines goals. Goals. This is the first “order of business” that every good business plan should address. After all, the purpose of a good business plan is to promote business growth and development. And this can’t happen without defining your goals.

Business Strategy, Business Planning 2015, Toll Free Number, Small BusinessOutlines strategy. Now that you’ve identified your goals, how are you going to achieve them? Your strategy could be your business management strategy, your marketing strategy or even a development strategy. Your “strategy” ultimately depends on your goals.  *Hint: Be sure part of your strategy includes generating leads by utilizing an easy to remember, effective lead-generating vanity toll free number.

What is your methodology to reach them? How does your business’s mission and vision play a crucial role in your strategy? How are your values incorporated into your strategy?

Identifies obstacles. In addition to defining and outlining goals, it’s equally as important to identifySmall Business, Business Planning 2015, Toll Free Numbers obstacles and challenges. In identifying challenges, it’s important to break them down further and really address the critical path that stands in the way of obtaining your biggest goal. What is your biggest challenge? A good business plan will recognize a business’s challenges and weaknesses and then identify action items to address each one.

Sets action items. As mentioned above, a good business plan not onlySmall Business, How to Write a Business Plan, Goals, Business Planning 2015, Toll Free Numbers identifies obstacles and challenges, it also recognizes action items that should be taken to address each challenge and obstacle. For example, if a challenge for a particular business is resources, then an action item might be to recruit additional talent, set up trainings, and even refining and documenting work flow processes for onboarding.

Small Business 2015, Small Business, Business Planning, Toll Free NumbersFinishes With Executive summary. Finally, a good business plan always concludes with an executive summary. This section ties in everything the plan documented: goals, challenges, the critical path, action items, and tasks. How do these goals tie into your business’s overall mission, vision or values?

Now that we know what a good business plan needs to have, take the next steps to success by writing a good business plan.



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Toll Free Benefits |
February 17th, 2015

Company Name: Acuity Marketing, Inc.

Contact Name: Tom Haynes – General Manager

Location: Houston, TX

Industry: Marketing Strategy Firm for Automotive Industry

Number of Employees: 23


Acuity Marketing is a digital marketing strategy firm based out of Houston, Texas. They offer a unique, and highly effective approach that sets itself apart as a premium agency for the automotive industry. Their strong focus on growing car dealers’ market share through original content creation and distribution via digital marketing channels has provided effective and widespread results.

Not just an ad placement agency, Acuity Marketing looks at each client’s individual market and specific goals. Then, they identify and focus on effective marketing efforts as well as provide full digital marketing services and support for long-term success and retention.

A toll free number was the solution to a challenge.

CarProUsa, Toll Free NumberWe have a syndicated radio product called Car Pro (CarProUsa.com), which is an original content platform. A major part of CarProUsa.com is our radio show, which airs in 23 markets around the U.S. As our show grew we really needed a vanity toll free number that could easily be remembered on the radio.

How did you implement your toll free number as a solution?

We promote the number on the radio show constantly. It is the main number we use for call-ins for listeners to get on the show. The number is promoted in the body of the content of the show.

What were some surprise benefits that you’ve found by implementing the solution?

The surprise benefit, and the one I use the most is call tracking. I can see exactly where the callers are coming from. This gives us great information, and an instant indication on how each city or market is responding to the show.

Additionally the call blocking feature has proven to be imperative to ensure new, fresh callers are making it on the show.

Any specific percentages, or data you want to share as a result from using a toll free number?

It has been enormously helpful for us to be able to view the data from each city our radio show is aired. I’m able to also track what cities we’re getting callers from. As we expand into new markets, it’s nice to be able to see how well we’re distributed. That participation is spread across all markets versus being dominated by one large market. Tracking this data ensures successful growth for Car Pro.

Advice you have from your experience in implementing a toll free number in your business marketing:

The key thing is you have to promote it heavily in other forms of marketing and advertising. You can’t just have a toll free number and not promote it. What I really like about it is: it’s easy to remember. In our case, we use both the numeric toll free number, and the vanity form: either 800-227-7777 or 800-Car-7777. We always promote it like crazy, and it works every time.

To check out Acuity Marketing’s Car Pro USA syndicated automotive news program, visit www.carprousa.com.


Small Business, Entrepreneur, Management, Digital Marketing, Marketing, Toll Free Numbers, Vanity Toll Free, Spring Clean

Photo credit: carprousa.com.

Case study logo:  © ileezhun - Fotolia

Toll Free Benefits |
February 11th, 2015

Small Business, Marketing, Toll Free NumbersAs a business owner, you are responsible for all facets of your business. Unfortunately, running a business doesn't necessarily mean you're in control, as many aspects might be difficult to manage.

However, before you lose all hope, here are five easy ways a toll free number can help you take control of your small business.

1.      Understand customer concerns. Many times when a customer is contacting a business’ toll free number, it is because they have a particular question or concern. Having a toll free number and listening to customer problems and concerns can help you address problems with your product and/or service and how to improve for both existing and future customers. Understanding possible road blocks will help you to address them ahead of the curve.

2.     Quality check.A toll free number is typically manned by a customer service representative that you have recruited to answer your phones, respond to queries, and to address  customer inquiries and concerns. 

Furthermore, customer responses can clue in on employee performance to management teams. Customers respond directly to how they are treated. If your customers aren’t happy, then this might be a sign that your employees need a little extra training.

3.      Take control of your business presence.Building a business presence may not seem like a realistic goal, but it can be. In 2015, make it a goal to establish and build your business’ presence. And what better way to start this  than with a toll free number? Toll free numbers also enable businesses to reach customers across the country and establish relationships not only locally, but nationally.

4.      Take control of your marketing strategy.You can’t really take control of your business without first grasping hold of your marketing strategy. With a toll free number, you take that first step in boosting the effects of your marketing overall. Not only is it a great addition to any email marketing or social media marketing campaign, but a toll free number also makes a business appear larger, more established, and trustworthy.

5.     Make an impact on your buyer-centric model.While it’s impossible to control what your customers do, you can control how you brand your business. How you portray your business to your customers can significantly impact their decision-making. A toll free number can help positively impact your buyer-centric model. Because a toll free number boosts trust and a company’s reputation, this often stimulates a psychological reaction in customers, which is a key component in their purchase habits and decision-making.

To learn more about how a toll free number can have a positive effect on your business, call 1-800-CUSTOMIZE.


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Toll Free Benefits, Vanity and Branding |
February 6th, 2015

Small Business, Toll Free Numbers, Instagram, Small Business Marketing, Online Marketing, Think BigLeveraging your vanity numbers to social media channels, can also include Instagram, the premiere social media photo sharing social media app. While a wildly popular social media platform for individuals, the site remains outside the marketing radar of many small business owners.

Here are four quick and easy ways that small business owners can use Instagram to promote toll free numbers.

1. Create a Portfolio of your Products

For small businesses, Instagram provides the perfect platform for demonstrating how a product looks.

The sudden surge in the popularity of Instagram means your business should be implementing creative ways to leverage the photo sharing social media platform with your toll free number. You need to be creative—maybe even a bit crazy—to really maximize the benefits of using Instagram.

Several research studies have concluded that many customers make purchasing decisions after they see the products offered by small businesses. For years, this meant visiting small businesses and eyeing or sampling the products in person. Now, you have the opportunity to close sales online, or at a minimum start the buying process by uploading photographs of your products to Instagram.

Always having a call-to-action in any marketing strategy is imperative. Add your toll free number to the photograph, and you’ve got something. This method enables customers to call to ask questions and make purchases. Be sure to put your toll free number in the comments, so that mobile users can click and instantly be connected to you. Creative toll free numbers capture the attention of customers, so make sure any toll free number associated with a product reminds customers of your product or business.


Thank You 1-800-Pet-Meds for letting us use this great example!

Follow them @1800PetMeds

2. Creative Contests

Small businesses that run contests typically see a spike in sales. Why not promote a contest by using Instagram? From your Instagram business profile, request that customers upload photographs that pertain to your small business. For example, if you run a pet care store, ask your customers to post the funniest photos of pets receiving shampoo treatments, and place a #hashtag of your promo name. For example: #1800petcare.

Car repair shops can run contests that ask customers to upload and tag photos of cars damaged by hail. Acquire a toll free number that exclusively handles the contest, or simply use your existing vanity number. If you do set up a new vanity number, your staff will be able to run the contest from one dedicated line, and have tracking of how many calls were generated in addition to the number of photo participants.

3. Add Personality to your Photo Placement

Instagram provides business owners with the best social media platform for humanizing your brand. As you know, establishing your brand by acquiring toll free numbers represents an integral part of your marketing strategy. Allow Instagram not just to promote your products or services, but also to humanize your brand. Upload photos of employee parties, workplace levity, and smiling faces that show both potential and existing customers that you’re a great place for business.

Don’t be shy with a toll free number; make it easy for people to see it, so that they can use it! Place the general business toll free number in a prominent, yet unobtrusive spot on each photograph. Your vanity number will stick in the minds of customers, and they’ll in turn pass it along to friends and family members.

4. More than Just Photographs…

In 2013, Instagram developed a short video platform. What better way for you to establish credibility online than by uploading short product demonstrations to your Instagram account. From teaching customers how to fix a plumbing problem or maintain care of their lawns, you can establish the type of credibility that builds trust.

At the end of each video remind customers to call your vanity toll free number, which is also shown on the bottom of the video screen, as well as in the comments. Be sure that if you’re posting videos, that when a new or existing customer calls to inquire, all of your employees have seen the video so that they are able to reference and answer questions successfully.

It is relatively easy to add a whole new marketing channel to your business via Instagram. You are only limited by your imagination, and always remember to include your most effective call-to-action: your toll free number. And as the photo-sharing social media site expands its repertoire of marketing tools, you’ll continue to  find more ways to use Instagram for your business marketing.


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*Posted with permission from 1-800PetMeds.

Image credit: "Think Big" © Grasko - Fotolia

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What is a Shared Number?
What is a Shared Number?
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