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February 3rd, 2015

Vanity Numbers, 800 Numbers, Toll Free Numbers, Toll Free Benefits, Vanity and Branding, Toll Free BenefitsThe holidays are over, and the month of January is over. After the first of February peeks its head round the corner, businesses begin gearing up for Valentine’s Day to cure the winter blues.

While a great deal of retailers see an increase in business and sales around Valentine’s Day, these top five retailers are making top revenue, not only because of their strong reputation, but because of their top-notch toll free number. A good vanity number can increase response rates by 12% and up to 42% or higher.

1.     1-800-FLOWERS. This shouldn’t come as a surprise here. 1-800-FLOWERS has dominated the flower industry with their toll free number for years. They have done everything in their power to ensure they are on the top of the retail totem pole; providing their customers with excellent customer service, quality products; and of course, a stellar vanity number.

1-800-FLOWERS has really built a strong reputation behind their vanity number. Further to the point, having the right toll free vanity number can increase sales from 20-200%, and 1-800-FLOWERS certainly proves that!

2.     Oriental Trading. Oriental Trading, a company that is extremely reliable for any of your party needs or Valentine's gifts, has also relied on their 800 number, 1-800-875-8480, to grow and develop their reputation and business.

Oriental Trading’s excellent customer service shows the importance of a toll free number. If a customer needs to contact the company, he or she can choose who to speak to based on their reasons for calling. Without a toll free number, businesses like Oriental Trading may not have had the amount of business they have today.

3.     FTD - 1-800-SEND-FTD. FTD, with their famous 800 number, 1-800-SEND-FTD, is another popular option to send flowers, plants or gifts around Valentine’s Day. FTD utilizes their own vanity number to ensure that their customers not only remember their company, but that it's easy to complete an order.

With so many flower delivery companies around, FTD has to work twice as hard to keep their business growing. Their toll free vanity number has helped boost their brand recognition, as well as give them a stronger market presence.

4.     ProFlowers. ProFlowers says they handle business professionally and accurately through their 800 number. As we see here, toll free vanity numbers give business instant credibility. It shows customers that you are interested in making their experience easy and memorable.

5.     Edible Arrangements - 877-DO-FRUIT. If you've decided to skip the candy and flowers this Valentine's Day, Edible Arrangements has figured out the secret: Do fruit! Their unique vanity number allows the company to maximize advertising, as well as increase their response rates.

Whether it’s the love that’s in the air during the month of February, or you’re simply looking for a way to positively impact your business, a toll free vanity number is the perfect addition to establish credibility and give your company the professional appearance it needs to succeed.

To learn more about getting a toll free vanity number, contact us online or by calling 1-800-CUSTOMIZE.


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Toll Free Benefits, Vanity and Branding |
January 28th, 2015

Small Business, Toll Free Number, Vanity Numbers, Branding, Vanity and BrandingThere is no doubt about it: You have worked hard to get your small business where it is at today and want nothing more than to continue expanding your business and your target reach.

As a small business owner, you not only recognize the importance of branding, but also the importance of blogging for business. But the world of content marketing doesn’t just stop there. Here are some benefits behind adding a blog to your business.

1.    Expands your reach. Regularly updating a blog is a great way to reach out to your customers and keep them up to date with new information, products, news, trends, and more. While having a blog helps get the word out about your business, your audience should have a trusted contact method to reach you.

Some small business websites offer live chat options or an email. While this can be effective, this isn’t necessarily the best way to get your customers returning for more. Without a toll free number, you’re either stuck employing a live chat operator, which can be expensive, or you’re leaving your customers waiting for an email response.

A toll free number linked through your blog will provide your customers with a way to contact you and your business immediately, without draining your budget.

2.    Legitimacy. As your small business grows and you continue blogging for your business, you want your customers to take you seriously as well as spread the word about your business. A toll free number can cover the areas of branding for your business.

Did you know that 52% of Americans make 50 or more toll free calls per year? When customers see that you have a toll free number on your website or other advertising channel, this immediately establishes trust and credibility. It says: “This business takes business seriously.” And trust is always the first step in the customer journey and the buying process.

3.    Brand recognition. Vanity numbers are a great way to boost your brand because they instantly provide brand recognition. Customers will instantly associate your vanity number with your brand, which then makes it easier to pass along your number to family and friends.

A blog is also a quick form of content that works over a long period of time. Did you know that the typical shelf life for a blog post is two to three years? So regardless of whether you contribute to your business’ blog or have a writer handle it, that time and effort doesn’t go to waste. Your blog will keep working for you longer.

Finally, we can expect to see a shift in content marketing in 2015. We are likely to see more focus and push on quality content and how that content is accurately tied to a particular brand. So why not really provide quality content and seal the deal with a toll free number?

Having a toll free number will not only allow you to add another professional element to your brand and your business, but it will provide you with a chance for your business to grow and develop. A toll free number and a blog is also a great opportunity to tell the story about your business.

If you want to know more about how you can add a toll free number to your blog, contact us online or call us at 1-800-CUSTOMIZE.


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Vanity and Branding |
January 22nd, 2015

Vanity and Branding, Brand Jack, Toll Free Number, Small Business, Branding, Vanty NumberContent marketing and management is all about branding in 2015. Many businesses are still trying to get the knack of content marketing and really trying to nail down a robust strategy.

But what if we told you there is a way to effectively set your branding strategy in stone this year? Here’s how you can brand jack with a toll free number.

What Does a Toll Free Number Have to Do with Branding?

Simple. In fact, the question should be: What doesn’t a toll free number have to do with branding? A toll free number starts with a name. Creating a memorable toll free number is only part of winning the battle, much like your business. A name must remain relevant and retain its meaning for years to come. It’s important to think of your business name and brand all in one.

How to Tie Your Number to Your Brand

Small businesses must establish brand recognition to help them stand apart from the competition. When you think of your business image, that image should tie into a unique and creative marketing message. From there, take that message and create at least one of your toll free numbers around your small business-branding message.

How do you go about this? Start by asking yourself these questions: Do you excel in providing friendly customer service? Are you known for offering high quality products? What solutions does your business provide? Use this message across your brand and toll free numbers.

Put it in Writing...

The changes in Google’s algorithms that we saw at the beginning of the fourth quarter of 2014 sparked a wave of changes that broke the surface in 2015. Content and online marketing strategies are now about quality over quantity. It’s not solely about how much content is on your page or how often you blog. While those are still crucial to an effective online content marketing strategy, quality content that accurately portrays a business’s brand is really where it’s at.

This is another area where toll free numbers can shine. Toll free numbers splashed cleanly across web and blog content, CTAs (call-to-actions), and really tying into demand generation will really boost a business’s brand. Acquiring and marketing a toll free number and avoiding these content marketing mistakes is a sure way to brand jack.

To learn more about vanity and branding, contact the customer support team at Custom Toll Free by calling 1-800-CUSTOMIZE, and brand jack your toll free number today.



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Vanity and Branding |
January 14th, 2015

Toll Free Number, Vanity Number, Toll Free Benefits, Business Planning 2015Now that the holidays are over, business is back to normal, and New Years resolutions are still fresh, we all have one goal in common: getting in shape. Regardless of whether we are talking about health, fitness, or diets, it’s the time of year when we all want to “get in shape”.

This also refers to business. Getting your business in shape, and business planning 2015 involves a comprehensive look at where small businesses have gone and how much farther they need to travel. From updating information systems to refining marketing strategies, small business planning requires a lot of effort and most important, a keen vision. Here are a few ways you can whip your business into shape during Q1 2015.

Acquire the Right Toll Free Number

Acquiring the right toll free number ensures you maximize the benefits of an affordable marketing strategy. You want toll free numbers that closely tie into your small business brand, and even help boost your business “metabolism” to really get in shape and start seeing the results you want.

A Toll Free Number Boosts Confidence…and Conversions

Why do we all want to lose weight and get in shape? Confidence. It makes us feel better about our self-image and self-esteem. A toll free number for your small business works much the same way. A toll free number helps boost call volumes, leads and conversions, and your business reputation, all sparking confidence.

In addition to building credibility and confidence, your small business planning 2015 should include ways to improve customer service. Dedicated toll free number lines ensure you provide both prospective and lifelong customers with the attention they deserve. The focus of customer service establishes your small business as a credible option, which eventually leads to the level of trust required for your target market to make purchasing decisions.

Slim Down Your Marketing Budget

Toll free numbers represent the most efficient way of spending your marketing dollars. Your regular customers pass on your toll free number to friends and family members. The free word of mouth advertising provides your small business with the greatest return on its marketing investment. Say goodbye to expensive billboard and newspaper advertising in 2015, and say hello to the best return on your marketing dollars: toll free numbers.

Custom Toll Free can help with your business planning, and help whip your business into shape in 2015. We direct our clients to the enhanced services that best meet their small business needs. Contact our team of experts at 1-800-CUSTOMIZE to learn more about how you can get your business into shape with a toll free number.

Toll Free Benefits |
January 6th, 2015

Toll Free Numbers, Vanity Numbers, Toll Free Benefits, Branding, Easy Business, CompetitionBusinesses who acquire toll free numbers understand the benefits of using the numbers to attract new customers and retain the loyalty of lifelong patrons. Catchy vanity numbers establish the level of credibility that allows you to build trust with customers.

Memorable toll free numbers enhance word-of-mouth advertising as well as your business brand. In fact, word-of-mouth referrals increase by 200% with a vanity number.

However, the greatest benefit of acquiring toll free number comes down to a few important pieces of marketing data.

The Marketing Success of Toll Free Numbers

Return on Investment.

ROI can make dollar signs dance in your head, but achieving optimal ROI takes thinking out of the box business acumen. Yet, according to recent research, acquiring toll free numbers for your small business does indeed improve marketing ROI.

  • 84% of respondents to a survey recalled a vanity toll free number
  • 90% of respondents use vanity numbers to contact small businesses
  • 90% who used vanity numbers generated a sales conversion rate of 30%
  • 52% of Americans make 50 or more toll free calls per year

How to give Your Toll Free Number a Competitive Edge

Statistics tell only part of the toll free number story; you tell the rest. Business owners need to devise ways that enhance the value of your toll free numbers to give you that needed competitive edge. Only your imagination limits the way you leverage small business vanity numbers.

The Customer Service Edge

Acquiring one or more toll free numbers dedicated to handling customer service inquiries goes a long way in establishing the level of trust you need to build before potential customers decide to conduct business with you. Customer service should be dedicated personnel to ensure the success of customers.

Savvy businesses understand that customer complaints offer opportunities to forge long-term relationships. By solving customer complaints, you establish the reputation of efficiently dealing with issues.

Run Promotions; Don’t Let Them Run You

Customers who call your business do not like to wait long for prompt customer service. The best way to alienate your customers is to put them on hold during promotions. You can create temporary vanity numbers to match the theme of different promotions. For example, if you run a limited time two for one special, create a catchy vanity number that reminds customers of the product promotion.

The Vanity Number That Makes Sense

Do you want to strengthen your brand by avoiding glitches in your customer service program? Then, acquire toll free numbers that closely associate with the purpose of the numbers. Remember, a large part of providing superior customer service involves ensuring your customers recognize your business via toll free numbers.

It’s Not Over until the Best Vanity Number Rings…

You’ve acquired a new vanity number. Great. But your branding efforts shouldn’t stop there. Not only do you need to tie it into your brand effectively, you also need to offer the best and most dedicated customer service in your market to really gain that competitive edge. The best customer service team asks the right questions, listens to a customer’s concerns, and provides high quality solutions.

Giving your toll free number a competitive edge involves several toll free number strategies and the best resources, many of which focus on enhancing customer service. To learn more on giving your toll free number a competitive edge and make running a business easier, contact us online or by calling us at 1-800-CUSTOMIZE.


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Toll Free Benefits, Vanity and Branding |
December 31st, 2014

While December 31st is known nationwide as New Year’s Eve, for small business owners and entrepreneurs it is also known as “No Interruptions Day”. While many would see it as unfortunate to be working in between Christmas and New Years, small business owners see it as the last opportunity to get work done before the year closes…without interruptions.

So, if you are like most entrepreneurs and find yourself working today, here are some things you can do to take advantage of the last working day of the year.

Close Out Year End Expenses. Still need to record that pile of receipts? What better day to tackle that pile than today? For those entrepreneurs or small business owners who don’t yet have a bookkeeper or accountant, you find yourself spending a great deal of time recording and keeping watch of all business income and expenses. Make this a high priority, as today is the last day you will have a chance to accomplish this tedious yet highly important task.

Clean Out Your Email Inbox. Another task that continuously haunts small business owners and entrepreneurs is their email inboxes. While the day is relatively quiet, today is a good day to clean out that email inbox full of junk, old messages, or even to organize. Start the new year off fresh with a clean and organized email inbox.

Business Planning 2015. Because you’ve been swamped with the usual day-to-day business tasks and responsibilities, maybe you haven’t devoted much time to business planning for 2015. Regardless of whether or not you’ve been fortunate enough to spend a lot or a little time on business planning for the new year, today is a good day to lock yourself in your office, turn off your email and phone, and really spend some time focusing on your 2015 business plan or implementing action items for each goal.

Build Traffic and Trust with a Toll Free Number. If you are unsure of where to go in 2015, why not start the new year off with a toll free number? Today is the last day to acquire a new vanity number…absolutely FREE until February 2015. Even if you are still unsure of your business direction in 2015, a toll free number is a tried and true way to build traffic and trust, boost your brand and business reputation, and generate more customers and sales.



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Toll Free Benefits |
December 30th, 2014

Toll Free Benefits, Toll Free Numbers, Vanity Numbers, Toll Free TrialTime is money. Most small business owners understand this. And nothing makes small business owners more nervous than when the checkbook devours the entire operation. Many small business owners begin to approach panic mode because they feel broke all of the time. Money that comes in goes out just as fast.

Turn all of that around for 2015 by taking advantage of the toll free number trial. There’s still time…

Why Toll Free Numbers Never Make You Feel Broke

One of the benefits of acquiring toll free numbers is that you can use them for different business purposes. You can create vanity numbers for handling one-time special promotions. Toll free numbers can help build the level of trust and traffic you need to attract new customers. You can even devote toll free numbers for specific sales transactions, offers, and promotions.

What Toll Free Numbers Do for Your Small Business

What is the one thing your small business needs before potential customers trust you enough to make purchases? Credibility. Catchy vanity numbers give your small business a reputation for being a serious player in your niche. The numbers simply roll off the tongues of customers who effusively promote your small business to friends and family members. Above all, toll free numbers take little of your marketing budget, but the numbers provide one of the greatest returns on your marketing dollars.

Grow Your Small Business

One way to get out of the red and back in the black is by acquiring memorable vanity numbers. And the only way to do that is to grow your small business. Start growing your business for free today by taking advantage of our no obligation toll free number free trial. Get your hands on a toll free number before December 31st and pay nothing until February 2015. By then you should understand how our enhanced services can boost your sales and help you attract customers for life.



Toll Free Benefits |
December 26th, 2014

Toll Free Numbers, Toll Free Benefits, Vanity Toll Free, Vanity Numbers, Toll Free TrialDid you know that 52% of Americans make 50 or more toll free calls per year? How many calls did your business receive this year? With a toll free number, your business can expect to see an immediate increase in call volume, happy customers, and sales.

Here is how a toll free number can build traffic and trust for your small business.

TRAFFIC. One tried and true way to build brand recognition for your small business is by tying in a memorable and creative toll free number. Think of a word or phrase that would best describe your business, products and/or services. Then, use that word or phrase and incorporate it into a vanity number.

Now, when potential and even existing customers think of your business, they will immediately be able to recall your number, making it even easier for them to refer your business to others. Word-of-mouth is the most common and effective form of advertising that instantly builds traffic…and it’s free.

TRUST. In addition to building traffic, a toll free number also builds trust. Businesses that present toll free numbers tell their existing and potential customers and audience that they are serious about their business. Toll free numbers are a great way for businesses to establish trust and a great reputation with customers. It is proven that most customers are more apt to work with or call upon the services of a business with a toll free number.

TOLL FREE TRIAL. Toll free numbers are an easy and cost effective approach to instantly boosting your small business brand, establishing a strong and lasting reputation and relationship with customers, and even see an immediate return on investment.

Still not convinced? Why not test out a toll free number for free? See the powers and benefits of a toll free number and how you can make them work for your business. Sign up for a toll free number absolutely free today with no obligation until February 2015.

But don’t wait…Our final 2014 offer lasts until December 31st, so take advantage of the free trial by reserving your toll free number. Start building more traffic and trust with a toll free trial today.



Toll Free Benefits, Vanity and Branding |
December 23rd, 2014

Toll Free Numbers, New Years, 2015 Business Planning, Toll Free, Holiday Promo 2014With just days left in 2014, many small business owners reflect on the past year and more important, devise the game plan for 2015. One of the strategies of your 2015 small business game plan should be reserving a toll free number. And today you can…absolutely free!

The Financial Challenges of Running a Small Business

How would you like to grow your small business revenue, without having to bust the bank? After all, every business owner should achieve that goal. Running a small business requires you to adjust your bill payment cycles to avoid having debt pound you all at once. Savvy small business owners spread out debt obligations to ensure a positive cash flow throughout the month. What if we told you that your small business can increase its cash flow by reserving toll free vanity numbers?

Let Us Show You the Money

Reserving a toll free number increases your revenue, without you having to dig deep into your small business pockets. With a toll free number, you can increase your small business brand recognition and build the level of trust that prompts curious shoppers to turn into lifelong patrons of your business. Other benefits that help you increase revenue include easy to remember way to contact you, and easy to share word-of-mouth advertising. Enjoy the benefits of toll free numbers for your business.

Toll Free Number Free Trial

Ring out the old year and welcome the New Year by taking advantage of a free trial that lasts until February of 2015. After using catchy toll free numbers to handle customer complaints or provide product information to potential customers, you should quickly understand how the proven assets enhance your small business communication. Our final 2014 offer lasts until December 31, so take advantage of the free trial by reserving your toll free number today.



Free Trial:  Find Your Toll Free Number Now      

News and Announcements, Toll Free Benefits |
December 19th, 2014

Vanity Toll Free Numbers, Toll Free Trends, Toll Free Numbers, 2015, Free TrialThe countdown to the end of the year begins. In less than two weeks, 2015 will be here. Are you still scrambling to make year-end numbers or to try and firm up 2015 business? Good news! Cross them both off your “naughty and nice” list with a free toll free vanity number.


Give your business the holiday gift of more calls starting now and in 2015


Custom Toll Free is offering a final free trial offer for 2014. Sign up, and you’ll get your toll free number free until February 2015. Toll free numbers are proven assets to any business marketing strategy. They can also be a crucial asset to your 2015 business and marketing plans. So why not add an asset without an expense to end your 2014?


Acquire a new vanity number now, save, and start the new year off right. Those who reserve their vanity number from today, December 19th through December 31st will be able to try out their toll free number for FREE until February 2015! Start the new year ahead of the game with a free vanity toll free number.


Businesses can only gain from this offer, so don’t wait. Sign up today and take advantage of this final vanity number free trial offer for 2014.


Find your perfect toll free number (for free) now!


Happy Holidays, and ensure a Happy New Year from Custom Toll Free!


© Pekchar

News and Announcements, Vanity and Branding |
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What is a Shared Number?
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