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August 5th, 2014

Small Business, Entrepreneur, Work like a Dog, Toll Free Numbers, Toll Free BenefitsWork like a Dog Day has some entrepreneurs and small business owners confused. After all, every time we check on our beloved canines, there seems to be more dozing and less doing. However, August 5th is the day we honor the hardest working among us, and that includes entrepreneurs and small business owners who have to work extra hard to sustain their enterprises.

Let's look at how entrepreneurs pour their souls into running small businesses, including a glimpse at how toll free numbers can make running small businesses a bit easier.

Running a Small Business Website

Entrepreneurs must overcome obstacles to compete with large corporations that have the resources and expertise to sell products and services. Small business owners must promote their businesses online in order to compete with larger companies. Running a small business website requires entrepreneurs to implement Internet marketing strategies that include content, social media, and video marketing. Savvy small business owners write blogs that help their customers solve problems, as well as recruit guest bloggers to enhance content.

Entrepreneurs in the Trenches

Entrepreneurs work like dogs because they are involved in every facet of running their small businesses. The heroic like effort includes providing superior customer service, closely monitoring inventory, receiving products, and maintaining clean stores. Although the most successful small business owners understand how to delegate, they cannot avoid working side by side with their teams to ensure smooth operations. At the end of the day, entrepreneurs close daily transactions, balance the books, and respond to customer queries they received via email or their toll free numbers.

Work Less like a Dog with Toll Free Numbers

Acquiring toll free numbers reduces the amount of stress placed on small business owners. You can set up memorable toll free numbers to handle sales transactions and customer service issues. The benefits of acquiring toll free numbers go beyond reducing your workload. Toll free numbers also establish your brand in the marketplace by helping your small business create the type of credibility that produces customer trust. Best of all, acquiring a toll free number provides entrepreneurs with the greatest return on their marketing investment.

Get Started

Take a bow on August 6th to recognize your hard work. Then, learn about the enhanced services Custom Toll Free provides for small business customers. Working like a dog can get you noticed, but so does acquiring toll free numbers to reduce the amount of work you have to perform each day. Contact us online or by calling our catchy toll free number at 1-800-CUSTOMIZE.


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Toll Free Benefits |
August 1st, 2014

Small Business, Entrepreneurs, Marketing, Management, Toll Free NumbersThose entrepreneurs and small businesses who have been in business and studying market trends know that the amount of entrepreneurs still continues to grow. The interesting fact behind growing small businesses and entrepreneurs is that they are showing up in all shapes, sizes, and…ages. Some are as young as eight years old and are becoming entrepreneurs by designing apps, creative footwear, and other trendy items growing in popularity across various age groups. However, the next wave of entrepreneurs seems to be those fifty years of age or old, also known as “seniorpreneurs”.

Many “seniorpreneurs” that we see emerging on the market have put on a spin on their retirement. It is more and more common for adults over the age of fifty who are approaching retirement or in amidst retirement to devote their extra time to running a small business. Some do it for the residual income, some do it as a way to keep their minds sharp with an established routine, and others do it because “they’ve always wanted to”.

Regardless of the reason for becoming a “seniorpreneur”, there are still some things they need to learn about “smarketing” in order to make it in today’s competitive small business market.

What is “Smarketing”?

“Smarketing” is a new buzz term that refers to the combination of “sales” and “marketing” so that both teams work together. Medium and large-sized businesses understand the frustration of the common miscommunications that often occur between the two teams. The marketing team puts their efforts into creating robust marketing materials for the sales to use during presentations and meetings, while the sales team is saying something different. As a result, leads are lost…which no one wants. Today’s business goals involve tying the two teams together to close the gap between sales and marketing and to close more efficient leads.

Content Marketing is One Answer…

One way small businesses and “seniorpreneurs” can integrate proper “smarketing” in their businesses is by really diving into content marketing and management. Sales and marketing teams should be working together to blast business announcements and messages through all effective marketing channels such as print brochures, social media, and toll free numbers.

Toll Free Numbers are the Other...

You guessed it. By incorporating a toll free number into all marketing mediums, this not only gives clients and potential clients an easy, flexible way to contact businesses, but also enhances brand recognition and trust. Toll free numbers are the other crucial way to close the gap and to create a “smarketing” synergy that really gives small businesses that extra edge and push.


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Toll Free Benefits |
July 31st, 2014

Toll Free Number, Small Business, Toll Free BenefitsSmall business owners must possess superhero powers to stay on top of the responsibilities required to operate successful enterprises. From working extra-long hours to multitasking and wearing multiple “hats”, entrepreneurs often wish they had an elusive magic wand to help them get everything done accomplish all of their goals. The magic wand you need to run your small business is no longer elusive when you acquire a toll free number.

The Power of a Toll Free Number

Small business owners spend considerable time devising unique ways to get the word out about their products and services, and to stand apart from the competition. They employ the latest online marketing strategies that include social media and content marketing. However, acquiring a toll free number unleashes the power of your small business.

Word of Mouth Advertising

Small business owners often operate on razor thin budgets, which mean word of mouth advertising plays an important role in generating sales. A memorable toll free number creates instant recognition that customers pass along to their friends, family, and coworkers. Catchy toll free numbers increase repeat business by providing customers with a convenient form of communication and customer service.

Establish Instant Credibility

One of the greatest benefits of acquiring toll free numbers is that you establish credibility with prospective customers. Although it seems you need a magic wand to convert potential customers into lifelong patrons of your small business, you can convert those potential customers by simply creating a catchy toll free number. A toll free number helps build trust that creates customers for life.

Wave the Magic Wand to Earn Profits

Toll free numbers help small business owners increase sales that lead to a much stronger bottom line. You maximize your return on marketing dollars by spending very little to acquire and set up toll free numbers. The magic wand you wave by acquiring creative toll free numbers translates into higher customer response rates that lead to more sales. Instead of spending money on radio and television spots, which can be costly, wave the magic toll free number wand to build your small business.

Establish the Right Toll Free Number

Waving the magic toll free number wand means you have to find the right number that best captures your small business. Custom Toll Free helps small business owners find the right toll free numbers that roll off the tongue of customers. A toll free number can fit within any small business budget and accurately describe your small business in just a few compelling letters. Learn how a toll free number can be your magic wand by contacting us online or calling 1-800-CUSTOMIZE.



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Toll Free Benefits |
July 29th, 2014

Small Business, Entrepreneur, Toll Free Numbers, Toll Free BenefitsWhile many would agree that summer is their favorite time of year, it can also mean the slowest season of the year for small businesses. With families taking vacations to outdoor activities taking precedence, small business owners find they have a lot of free time on their hands…unless your business is a convenient beach resort, of course.

Instead of pacing back and forth waiting for customers to come into their stores or for the phone to ring, small business owners and entrepreneurs should take advantage of free time to devise strategies to increase sales. Starting with brainstorming toll free numbers, small business owners should consider these five ways to use summer downtime to prepare for the fall.

Brainstorm Toll Free Numbers

Gather your team together and sit down to brainstorm unique toll free number options. You want to create catchy toll free numbers that customers remember. For example, a pizzeria can create the toll free number 1-800-SAUSAGE to create a memorable number that their loyal customers pass on to friends and family members. Ask each team member to create five toll free numbers and discuss the merits of each number during meetings.

Develop Your Team

Summer downtime presents the perfect opportunity for professional development. From enhancing customer service interaction to describing the features of a new product, prepare your team to handle the increase in business during the fall and winter, especially during the holiday season. Remember that employee development is one of the leading reasons employees stay with their organizations. It makes employees feel valuable and boosts morale, which ultimately boosts productivity.

Devote Toll Free Numbers to Customer Service

Savvy small business operators understand the benefits of devoting toll free numbers to handle customer inquiries and complaints. Customer service toll free numbers allow your service-oriented team members to focus solely on customer concerns and questions. Once customers trust your professionalism, they are likely to stop by your store or visit your website to purchase or inquire about your products or services. Dedicated customer service numbers also provide you with a proven way to handle any customer concerns in a way they appreciate.

Write Content for the Small Business Blog

Successful content marketing programs include a monthly schedule of content creation. However, it’s more difficult for small business owners to follow the content schedule during the busier months of the year. Summer is an excellent time for you to catch up on website content creation. You can write about timeless topics that you upload any time during the year. If you run an automotive maintenance shop, you can create timeless content that describes how to rotate tires. Content is king for strong Internet marketing strategies.

Most Importantly…Take an Overdue Break

Small business owners work crazy schedules that turn them into entrepreneur zombies. They often put in twelve-plus hours per day, seven days a week. When things slow down during the summer months, small business owners should consider taking a much-needed break to rejuvenate the mental and physical juices. Place your small business in the hands of trusted associates and take a vacation far away from the grind of running a small business. This will also help small business owners and entrepreneurs gear up and prep for the busier months in the fall.


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Toll Free Benefits |
July 25th, 2014

Small Business, Entrepreneur, Toll Free NumbersEntrepreneurs juggle myriad tasks every day. The hectic schedule combined with unexpected obstacles creates a frenzied work environment that causes the visionary business leaders to miss the bigger picture. After all, entrepreneurs are the captain that steers the small business ship. They need to step back at times to ask important questions that pertain to their businesses. Five common questions prevent small business owners from pressing the panic button.

  1. Is Your Business Plan Actually Working?

It is one thing to devise a strategic annual business plan and quite another to monitor how the small business fares. Successful small business owners review the performance of operations at least quarterly. They check actual sales against projections to measure success. Entrepreneurs evaluate the success of their marketing programs and tweak certain strategies to reach more potential customers. Small business owners typically plan for the future, but the successful ones invariably analyze past performance.

  1. Are You Recruiting the Best Talent?

Successful entrepreneurs understand that high performance team members make the difference between running a bustling small business and waiting for customers to walk through the door. They constantly search for people that possess the personal and professional attributes that drive small business success. The question of "Are we recruiting the best talent?" focuses on customer oriented professionals who know how to turn prospective customers into lifelong patrons of the small business.

  1. Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Small Business Website?

Small business websites are key to any marketing strategy today. But it doesn’t stop there. Effective content marketing is king. Most prospective customers visit a small business for the first time because of what they find online. Successful entrepreneurs constantly ask themselves if their small business websites entice people to inquire about their products and services, or if their site is engaging enough.

  1. Has the Market Changed?

From government regulations to customer preferences, the market for virtually any industry is in a state of constant flux. Small business owners that study market trends habitually do a much better job of adapting to rapid changes than entrepreneurs that fail to keep abreast of the marketplace. Successful small business owners detect market changes and create proactive strategies to adapt to the changes. Technological advances have turned market changes that used to occur over several years to market changes that transpire over a few months.

  1. Do You Really Need a Toll Free Number?

Entrepreneurs always search for ways to make more money, without dipping into cash reserves to fund marketing programs. A toll free number offers small business owners the best way to reach more customers at an affordable cost. The benefits of a toll free number include establishing a strong brand presence, creating instant customer recognition, and building credibility that produces customer trust.


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Toll Free Benefits |
July 22nd, 2014

Small Business, Entrepreneur, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Toll Free Number, Toll Free BenefitsInternet marketing has introduced small businesses to several effective ways to attract new customers and keep loyal customers engaged. Content marketing may be the most cost effective Internet marketing strategy of all…and you’ve finally got it figured out. You or an assigned team member consistently posts compelling and informative content to your small business website or social media platform to interact with customers. Your content is interesting and helps your audience solve problems, and even touch upon how your products and services can help improve their lives. You’re doing everything right, right? Sure…but what if after all your hard work, your content marketing strategy has one potentially major flaw: no one reads.

Why Content Marketing May Not Be the ONLY Answer

Content marketing can be strenuous for small business owners. It is difficult to always keep on top of the trends and continuously create new, fresh, and compelling content that website visitors expect to see on a regular basis. Most small business owners and entrepreneurs do not have the time or the resources to devote to content marketing.

On the other hand, not all website visitors have the time or patience to sift through dozens of content pages to find the answers to their questions and the solutions to their problems. Some may not even be technically savvy to do so. So, where do these types of website visitors turn?

You got it…a toll free number.

The Toll Free Number Approach to Content Marketing

Look at a toll free number as a more expedient way to run a content marketing program. Instead of website visitors spending minutes trying to find the content or answer they need to solve problems or answer questions, they can simply call your toll free number and ask one of your customer service experts a question or two.

Prospective and regular customers pressed for time prefer to get the answers to their questions quickly, which is one of the many benefits a toll free number offers your customers. Moreover, a toll free number ensures your customers receive accurate answers that include current information and gives callers and prospective customers the option to speak to a live person.

The Partnership between Content Marketing and a Toll Free Number

Toll free numbers and content marketing do not have a mutually exclusive relationship. In fact, the two marketing ideas work well together to attract new business and retain lifelong customers. Acquiring a toll free number fills in the content marketing void caused by website visitors who do not want to spend much time searching for information. Your small business can promote your toll free number on the home page by specifically targeting website visitors who want immediate answers to their questions. A toll free number increases the effectiveness of your small business content marketing program.

We Can Help You Acquire the Right Toll Free Number

The team of experts at Custom Toll Free can help you find the toll free number that best promotes your small business. We work together with small business owners to create memorable numbers that roll off the tongues of their customers. Find out how a toll free number fills your content marketing void by contacting us online or by calling our toll free number, 1-800-CUSTOMIZE.



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Toll Free Benefits |
July 18th, 2014

Small Business, EntrepreneurBeing an entrepreneur comes with a certain territory, a set of expectations, and a certain personality to be successful. Of course, entrepreneurships all have their own methodologies and personalities that go into operating them, not to mention industry, but one thing is certainly in common: Being an entrepreneur means making the most out of every day.

We get it. As an entrepreneur you have those “slump” days where you maybe don’t feel like making that phone call, or sending another email, or spending another minute looking at your laptop or tablet screen. Every entrepreneur has days like this. But, at the end of that day, we still have to conduct business. So how can you ensure that you get the most out of every day?

Start the day off right. It’s true that starting the day off right can make all the difference. This could mean getting up early, exercising, having a good breakfast, review your calendar, and just mentally prepare for the day. Whatever gets you going in the morning, focus on that and make it your goal to start every day off just like that.

Find your motivation. Struggling to get up early each morning? Find out what motivates you to get out of bed. Maybe you have a pet that makes sure you are out of bed at a certain hour. Maybe it’s setting the alarm on your phone to your favorite song, or one that makes you feel good. Maybe you leave post-it notes on your nightstand or next to your bed for you to read first thing the next morning. Maybe it’s the sound or smell of freshly brewing coffee. Whatever motivates you to get out of bed, make it happen.

Get organized. If this works for you, you can spend each morning over coffee or your nutritional breakfast getting organized. Some entrepreneurs claim they can’t focus until they feel organized, whether that is mentally or physically. Maybe this means organizing your work space, or cleaning up old emails from your inbox. Even just spending a few minutes getting organized each morning will give you that little boost of accomplishment to set the tone for the rest of the day.

Prepare the night before. If you are more of an evening entrepreneur than a morning entrepreneur, why not spend the evening before planning for the next day? This may mean leaving a to-do list before you leave the office, organize your work space for the next morning, or focusing on something that motivates you before you go to bed. Studies have actually shown that whatever information or activity you spend doing the night before can carry through to the next morning.

Of course, we can’t control it all…but as entrepreneurs, we would like to. However, there are always going to be obstacles, challenges, and just things that go wrong. We can’t always avoid them, but we can choose to make the best out of them and learn from them. Each and every entrepreneur has his or her own personality, working and learning style, and ways they go about doing business. The key here is to find out what makes your entrepreneurial mind “tick”, and how to go about boosting that to make the most out of every day.


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Uncategorized |
July 17th, 2014

Small business, Toll free numbers, Vanity numbers, Toll free benefitsMost small business owners have a myriad of tools at their disposal to help them with operations. The tools level the playing field between the entrepreneur and large corporations. However, the tools used by small business owners can be overwhelming. From intricate accounting software to extensive content marketing programs, small business owners stretch their time and themselves thin. Acquiring toll free numbers allow small business owners to streamline small business tools, while improving the bottom line.

What is a Toll Free Number?

Many small business owners associate toll free numbers with 1-800 or 1-888 exchanges. The calls route to a centralized location where several people answer different extensions to talk with customers. Over the past decade, toll free numbers have morphed into vanity numbers that provide small business owners with more benefits. Vanity numbers attempt to capture the phrase that best identifies the small business. For example, a bank that promotes high interest rates on savings accounts should consider the toll free number 1-888-INTRATE.

Small Business Benefits

Small businesses benefit from toll free numbers for a number of reasons. Toll free numbers establish credibility with prospective customers who need to build enough trust before they do business with you. Toll free numbers stick in the minds of customers who remember the catchy phrases and pass them on to friends and family members. An increase in overall customer recognition translates into more small business traffic. Small business owners benefit from vanity numbers because of increased conversion rates, which increase revenue and augment the return on your marketing dollars.

How Toll Free Numbers Streamline Small Business Tools

Imagine running a promotion and not having to invest in small business tools that plan, set up, and operate the promotion. One or two toll free numbers devoted solely for running a promotion help you acquire customer information and process financial transactions. You do not need to hire extra staff, spend money on display racks, or invest in a payment processing system.

Another way toll free numbers streamline small business tools involves customer service. Toll free numbers are the tried and true ways of handling customer queries. Select the best customer service professionals to answer the toll free numbers and eliminate the need to establish a separate area of your store for handling customer complaints or answering customer questions.

Small businesses typically operate on shoestring budgets. Money misplaced in one facet of running a small business can make the difference between profit and insolvency. Eliminating small business tools saves you money that you can reinvest in other operational areas. Toll free numbers replace numerous business tools and reduce your monthly expenses.


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Toll Free Benefits |
July 15th, 2014

Branding, Toll Free Numbers, Small Business, Vanity NumbersToll free numbers provide small business owners with several benefits. The catchy phone numbers build instant credibility among prospective customers who need to trust you before they work with you. Toll free numbers also establish customer recognition of your business, as well as provide you with a higher return on your marketing investment. However, perhaps no other benefit brings more to a small business than the relationship between toll free numbers and branding.

What is Branding?

Branding is a marketing term that small business owners often misinterpret. According to the American Marketing Association (AMA), branding is the "name, term, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of them, intended to identify the goods and services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of other sellers." Some professionals and entrepreneurs would argue that branding is also a feeling or reaction that is stimulated from an audience. For small businesses, branding involves establishing something that separates them from the competition. One tried and true way of doing this is by acquiring toll free numbers.

Know Your Brand

You cannot link your brand with toll free numbers until you understand your brand identity. Is your small business noted for making people feel at home? Do you offer specials and deals that create a local or virtual buzz? Has your superior customer service defined your small business? Recognizing your brand also means identifying your product and service strengths. For example, a florist shop may sell a wide variety of flowers, but customer reviews consistently praise the quality of the red roses. With red roses identifying the florist brand, one of the toll free numbers used can be the memorable 1-800-REDROSE.

Matching Your Toll Free Numbers with Your Brand

After identifying your small business brand, the next step requires you to match the brand with a catchy toll free vanity number. Branding falls flat on its face whenever you devise toll free numbers that have nothing to do with your small business brand. Customers quickly attribute strong toll free numbers to your small business brand. An Asian restaurant known for its delectable egg rolls can use the vanity number 1-800-EGGROLL. A local automotive shop that specializes in oil lubrication jobs should consider the catchy toll free number phrase 1-800-OILLUBE.

If you treat your cusotmers like royalty, then identify your brand by establishing a toll free number that customers associate with your excellent customer service. The possibilities of acquiring powerful toll free numbers are as endless as the depth of your imagination. However, you must ensure you match the toll free numbers with your branding theme.

Custom Toll Free has helped dozens of small businesses identify their branding strategies and then link their brands to compelling toll free numbers. The results increase small business revenue by attracting new customers and develop and strengthen repeat business. Contact us today to learn more about our enhanced toll free services.



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Toll Free Benefits, Vanity and Branding |
July 10th, 2014

Small Business, Toll Free Number, Vanity Toll Free, Toll Free benefitsWith temperatures soaring and the humidity taking its toll, many small businesses enjoy an increase in business during the summer months as vacations, day trips, and the urge to just get out is in the thick, humid air. In addition to escaping the heat, consumers also have more free time to peruse your selection of products and services. So, with the heat on, it's time your small business acquired a toll free number to handle the influx of eager customers.

Enhanced Customer Service

Nothing kills a business more than not handling a surge in customers. Prospective customers do not want to wait for someone to answer their questions, and regular customers who are used to prompt service may take their business elsewhere, if they detect a lack of focused attention. Acquiring at least one toll free number ensures your small business takes care of everyone.

Establish Brand Identity

Are you able to state your brand message clearly? Most small businesses lack a clearly defined message, which blurs the distinction between them and the competition. To stand out among a crowded field of small businesses, you need a catchy toll free number that compels prospective customers to take action. For example, a landscaping company can utilize the vanity number 1-800-LAWNMOW to establish a strong brand presence.

Toll Free Number Revenue

Adding a toll free number increases small business revenue. One toll free number line takes care of all phone orders. Another line handles customers questions. Answering questions and helping customers solve problems creates demand for your product and services. A third toll free number line can exclusively deal with customer complaints. The best way to gain customers for life is to take care of their complaints. You may add a fourth line to run revenue-driving promotions. The possibilities are endless.

Enjoy the Fruits of Your Toll Free Number Labor

Perhaps the best reason why you need a toll free number this summer is that you deserve some time away from the daily grind of running your small business. What are you going to do with all of the extra revenue? How about doing something you have wanted to do for years: Take a vacation! Get away for a week or so and enjoy the myriad of benefits that come with adding toll free numbers to your business.


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What is a Shared Number?
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