The unveiling of Microsoft’s new “Surface” tablet brings some incredibly powerful lessons for entrepreneurs, including the key to really dominating.
While whether or not the new Microsoft Surface tablet will kill the iPad will have to be seen but analysts are definitely warming up to it, despite the secrecy.
In fact, one ABC News reporter who got hands on time with the Surface went so far as to say she would never have converted to Apple nor recommended Macs if Microsoft had put the effort into manufacturing their own hardware devices a lot earlier. It seems that the company has now realized that their future survival really depends on them taking a bigger role in quality control of how its products are used, rather than letting others let down the brand. In particular, analysts are saying the integration of Windows 8 with the touch technology of the Surface make it far more enjoyable to use.
The big lesson for today’s entrepreneurs and startup wizards is that yes, focusing on what you do best at (software for Microsoft), mastering your niche and leveraging what could otherwise be competitors is smart but not to the extent of allowing poor quality and experience kill your business. Neither McDonalds nor Starbucks ever would have made it this big without precise systems and controlling everything for franchisees.
It sure beats being Mark Zuckerberg right now, who has recognized short cuts were a bad thing which sparked the downfall of Facebook. That couple with a lack of attention to revenue makers, the real “consumers”, in  marketers almost killed the company. Ultimately quality and really giving consumers what is most important to them will enable your brand not just to win right now but survive, thrive, and dominate. Plus, to have $61 billion in the bank like Bill Gates isn’t a bad perk either.