Your toll-free number: Six ways get customers to call

by: admin , December 6, 2009

In the current economy customers are slower to spend. So now, more than even, marketing messages need to include key phrases that make the customer pick up the phone and call now. That’s why it’s important to tell people in your ads what’s new and different about your product or services — and why they should pick up the phone and dial your toll-free number right away:

The two most obvious phrases are:

  • On sale
  • Limited-time offer

But there are some other attractive phrases that command attention and inspire action. They include:

  • Overnight delivery
  • More style options in stock
  • New, improved design
  • Free estimate (or free sample)
  • Make sure your toll-free number appears prominently in your ad, paired with your special offer:
  • “Call 1-800-BIZ-NAME today to arrange a free estimate.”
  • “Call 1-800-BIZ-NAME today and your purchase can be delivered to you tomorrow!”

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