5 Wrong Assumptions about Toll Free Numbers

by: admin , May 21, 2015
Trying to successfully market a small business can sometimes seem like a daunting, utile task. The overwhelming presence of the big names in business is sometimes enough to dismay even the most optimistic entrepreneur.

However, small businesses can employ a range of guerilla advertising tactics. One such tactic is a toll free number. Toll free numbers are affordable, reliable, and efficient, yet many small businesses don’t use them.

So why aren’t businesses jumping on getting their own custom toll free number? These top five reasons break down some of the false impressions of integrating a toll free number into a marketing strategy.

1. Everybody uses the Internet anyway…

Smartphones, tablets, and even watches all have Internet access today. Having a toll-free number in such environment seems completely pointless.

The first phone call was made 140 years ago, yet phone lines are still around and aren’t going away anytime soon. In the minds of customers, a phone number represents reliability and accessibility in a way no web address can.

2. It is too complicated to manage.

Small businesses are burdened with enough problems as it is. Why complicate matters further and add “teach staff how to manage toll-free number” to the list?

3. It is too expensive.

A small business needs to be as lean as possible to survive, let alone thrive. This means cutting all unnecessary expenses. A toll free number is a ridiculously affordable way to increase business. It literally pays for itself in just a few phone calls.

Small business owners can even modify their usage plans according to needs and desires in order to ensure they receive the best services that make sense for their businesses and only pay for what they use.

4. Customers won’t even notice it.

Marketing needs to be big, bold, and aggressive. Toll free numbers don’t stand a chance in the world of hyperactive consumer culture.

In fact, toll free numbers are also available as vanity numbers, which is simply the sequence of digits replaced with an easily memorized word or acronym. This time-tested, straightforward technique increases memory retention of the phone number by 30 to 60 percent and translates directly into more sales and higher revenue.

5. Toll free numbers are easy to abuse.

Pranksters of all sorts flock regularly to the first toll free number they can find and waste the precious resources. Since there is no way to stop them, it’s better not to have a number at all.

Part of the backend or online account manager includes a quick and painless call blocking feature. Add the number or entire area code, and it’s blocked permanently.

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