Toll Free Numbers in the New Age

by: 00juno , December 27, 2012

Toll free numbers have been around for a while. And because of this—surviving multiple generations, an incredible pacing of trends that have come and gone, multiple Woodstock concerts, presidential scandals, television series, soap operas and movies with more to come—you may have been one of those people apt to ponder the question, “Why are toll free numbers still around?” Maybe now that it’s 2013, a New Year and not to mention a new B’aktun for that Mayan Calendar, this might be the year that 800 numbers meet their match.


Guess again. Unlike the payphone, reserved only for emergencies and Grammy-nominated songs by Adam Levine, toll free numbers have continued to find purpose and practicality with the change of times. Whether the hippie-era or the hipster-era, the 1800 numbers for business and beyond have continued to remain relevant as the most practical form of communication between customer and company.


 800 toll free numbers 


Take for instance, situations arising such as the recent snowstorm in Philadelphia leading to the cancellations of 200 flights, not to mention bringing significant delays in departures and arrivals. When trapped in a terminal, one of the best services you can offer is a 1-800 toll free number. And even if it’s not regarding an aviation inconvenience, toll free numbers come with an auto-attendant to make sure you and your company never miss a call, a call forwarding service to better bring the calls to you, and the opportunity for your customers to reach out to you without receiving long-distance charges to their phone bill.


When it comes to these things, there’s no technology or trick of the trade that can stop people from preferring to speak directly with the party they call. An 800 toll free number in 2013 is still a necessity for bringing the best in customer communication to your business. The ability to grant direct-communication on demand is the chief reason why 800 toll free numbers remain wired.

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