The Missing Link: Are You Using the Best Small Business Communication Tools for Success?

by: Custom Toll Free , January 15, 2014

Small Business Communication; Social Media; Toll Free Vanity NumbersYour small business goes up against larger companies that possess the resources and labor force to dominate the market. Your competitive edge comes from your ability to communicate with your customers quicker and provide information that helps your customers solve problems. But how do you beat the big wigs to the information punch? Communicate through your small business website, social media, email marketing, and custom toll free numbers.

Cyberspace Communication

Small business owners wear many hats that include marketing whiz, finance guru, chairperson, and even customer service. Instead of explaining the same product or service to dozens of customers, why not devote a blog on your small business website that provides useful information on all of your products and services? Many small businesses take the opportunity to dedicate a regular blog post that answers customer questions or concerns about a product or service.

Get Social and Get Personal

One of the reasons small businesses continue to thrive is because customers today prefer a more personal relationship. They do not want to wait on hold or wait for a machine to respond to their call. Small business communication leverages the personal touch by creating a strong social media presence. Build a Facebook page that entertains your customers with videos and fun contests. Tweet the latest promotions to your most valued customers. Interact with business partners by creating a LinkedIn profile. Create a Pinterest board with images and clips from your small business website or infographics. With the growing popularity of mobile devices, social media has become the way small businesses communicate and network with customers and loyal patrons of their small businesses.

Take the Snail Out of Mail

Direct mail advertising has historically comprised a large portion of small business communication. While direct mail advertising is still used today, email marketing has become the way of advertising. As custom toll free numbers have rendered small business telephone lines obsolete, email has displaced snail mail as the most effective way to delivery news about your small business. Email marketing is in. In fact, it was rated as the second most effective online marketing tool during the fourth quarter of 2013, and it is only expected to increase in use and popularity throughout 2014. You can create a large list of loyal and prospective customers and send out the same message in a mass email which is quicker and more cost effective.

Custom Toll Free Numbers

Toll free vanity numbers provide your customers with a convenient way to communicate with you. They also allow you to promote your small business brand by developing catchy phrases that best define your small business and that can easily tie into your brand. When you choose a custom toll free number, select a number that is easy for customers to recall. Take time and carefully consider which words best define your small business. Above all, integrate your toll free number throughout your small business.


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