Test Drive a New Toll Free Number

by: admin , September 4, 2014

As a small business owner and entrepreneur, you’ve most likely heard of toll free numbers. By now you’ve heard about all the features, the benefits, and the wonders they can do for customer satisfaction, retention, and even your bottom line. You may have also seen what they can do for your competitors and how they incorporate toll free numbers into their marketing strategy. Well, now it’s your turn.

Custom Toll Free is offering a 30-day promotion for small businesses who want to test drive a toll free number, at no cost and no obligations. This 30-day trial includes a custom vanity number, 100 free minutes of toll-free calls, and nationwide coverage.

How Do You Get Started?

Simple. Pick a number…and follow these easy steps.

  1. Choose a great toll free number that fits your brand and business by using Custom Toll Free’s look up tool.
  2. Select the number of your choice. Custom Toll Free will suggest 50 possible vanity numbers comprised of particular keywords that tie into your brand and business.
  3. Your account is then set up with Custom Toll Free within twenty-four hours.
  4. Test drive your toll free number.


Now What?

Now your new toll free number is set up and your account is ready to go. You can now test the number by placing it in an ad or other marketing campaign in order to see firsthand what a toll free number can do for your business. You will also have access to the online account management tool, which tracks call history and makes it easy for you to monitor call results. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Contact Custom Toll Free today at 1-800-CUSTOMIZE to learn more about toll free benefits, our 30-day test drive promotion, and see how a toll free number can impact your business so you get more bang for your buck and see results.



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