Small Businesses Get “Gritty” With It

by: Vanity Numbers , February 5, 2014

Small Business; Small Business GrowthSmall business operators have myriad ways to measure the success of their small businesses. Of all of the metrics used to gauge small business success, sales and marketing invariably appear near the top of the list. However, do you know that you can measure sales and marketing by using a methodology that does not include dollars and cents?

You can measure small business growth in terms of grit.

What is Grit?

Dr. Angela Duckworth has spent time and money researching grit. The University of Pennsylvania professor defines grit as "sticking with things over the long term until you master them." She adds that gritty people approach success as a marathon, not a sprint. Grit represents resilience, perseverance, and dedication. In the world of small business, grit has several applications to sales and marketing.

How Grit Influences Small Business Growth

The primary goal of most small business operators is to grow sales from one year to the next. Small business operators can implement numerous strategies to grow sales, from slashing prices to introducing innovative products. Yet we know that most small business sales strategies fail to drive sales. This is where grit comes in, as small business operators who possess unassailable grit never quit trying to adopt successful ways to boost revenue. They keep at it until they discover the right small business growth strategy. Small business owners must remain determined to grow revenue by searching for the right online marketing mix.

When True Grit Really Matters

No other facet of running a small business requires more grit than online marketing. You can expect to fail miserably at attracting new business online, but you must stay with your online marketing program. Content marketing, which includes regularly posted blogs, requires small business operators to create fresh, relevant content that informs website visitors. Staying on top of your small business social media pages requires gritty dedication. Brushing yourself off after getting pounded by an online marketing failure presents the ultimate test of grit.

Small Business Grit Means Thinking Outside the Box

You can stick with conventional ways to grow sales or demonstrate the grit required to master new business growth opportunities. One effective and affordable way to grow sales is by creating personalized vanity toll free numbers for your small business. By choosing a toll free vanity number, you can expect your online business to establish a stronger market presence. You also boost brand awareness by creating a catchy number that easily rolls off the tongues of potential customers. A highly recognizable toll free number increases new customer referrals and repeat business.


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