Small Business Technology: Make Working Remotely Work For You

by: Custom Toll Free , October 28, 2013

Small Business, Small Business TechnologyWorking remotely has become a huge convenience and benefits to professionals, freelancers, and small business owners. Our integration of the Internet into society has had a huge impact on our work lives. Most professionals and small business owners will rave on how great it is and the huge benefits to working remotely. But, how do companies and employers benefit from working remotely?

Cost Reductions

With current business technology today, it is already possible for new and aspiring entrepreneurs to start new businesses, even without a physical office! This reduces many of the start up costs that are often involved and are very expensive including commuting, office space, rent, insurance, or even a mortgage. In addition, there are also many tax breaks and advantages to running a small business out of a home office or garage space!

Obviously not all small businesses can be run out of one’s home, but that doesn’t mean that you still can’t work remotely. Working remotely can still have a lot of great benefits that still lead to cost savings and other cost reductions. It’s also convenient in emergencies, hazardous weather conditions, or if something needs to be addressed immediately and you aren’t in the office to address it, nor do you need to be.

Attracts More Professionals

Think about it. Think of the realm of opportunities and the wide world of esteemed talent that becomes available to you when you recruit professionals from all ends of the earth? No longer are you limited to a certain area or region to find the help you need to staff your small business. In addition, allowing employees to work remotely or from home will also give them greater satisfaction, will increase trust between employee and employer relationships, and will just give employees more flexibility and convenience, which will make them happier.

Increased Productivity

While this may be difficult for some companies to understand, working remotely actually increases productivity. Most companies are already set up to work remotely. Employees are often more focused at home rather than working in the office. If you try to analyze all the distractions in the work place and at home, the work place has more distractions. It only means that working at home grants them the perfect place to work with less distractions.

Improves Communication

Did you know that communication between your employees in the work place is actually less than with those working remotely? This is because team members, team leaders, and customers are ensuring that tasks are completed and projects are on schedule. More effort goes into making sure things are getting accomplished and customers are happy. How much do you think your company will benefit from improved communication?

We all can agree that there are many benefits to working remotely. It helps promote more small business start ups due to the reduced costs, reduced capital needed upfront, and even helps keep costs down for relatively new start ups. It also helps improve communication, increase productivity, thus keep employees loyal, trustworthy, and happy, which ultimately leads to happy customers.

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