Should I Get a Vanity Number For My Business?

by: 00juno , December 25, 2012

Vanity NumbersCan your business really survive without a toll free vanity number? While the demand for toll free numbers has rocketed in the last couple of years, it is amazing to find some entrepreneurs who would otherwise be considered geniuses in their fields failing to take advantage of the benefits they offer.

Vanity numbers are far more than just being about vanity. Those startups and organizations who not only want to thrive in the coming months and years but just survive must recognize the three factors which are likely to be most critical to their success.

Those who still plan to be around in twelve months from now, or at least still be operating and profitable, must be demanding the maximum possible ROI and profit margin, have a brand which can truly stand out in the face of fast growing global competition, and an infrastructure which guarantees business continuity in the face of any disaster.

After extensive testing, the science proves using a vanity number is crucial for maximizing marketing ROI and can make all types of advertising more profitable. Toll free numbers have become essential for streamlining operations and lowering overhead, without sacrificing the best talent and ensuring business continuity through an array of major challenges.

Major retailers may be investing many millions in converting operations to serve online shoppers and anticipate Internet shopping as the way of the future, marketers may be finding powerful new angles to promote on the web without Facebook, and high tech businesses may be changing the face of the workplace with Beam remote presence systems, but that doesn't mean they can survive without vanity numbers.

There are still too many issues and potential threats out there for businesses to exclusively rely on the web without high powered business phone numbers and vanity numbers have proven to add that additional layer of protection, connectivity, and advertising effectiveness needed to maximize uptime and conversions.

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