Reasons Why Vanity Numbers Are Great For Outdoor Advertising

by: Custom Toll Free , December 17, 2012

Outdoor AdvertisingDespite the noise surrounding the mobile marketing and device war, outdoor advertising is becoming increasingly important and powerful for marketers. For those who want to achieve the maximum benefits and achieve the highest ROI from their outdoor campaigns vanity numbers are a must.

Vanity numbers and outdoor advertising by the digits:


  • A recent study shows outdoor advertising caused 29% of consumers to visit a store within a week
  • An Infosurv study reports 58% of consumers prefer to call a vanity 800 number
  • DMA testing showed it easier to include a call to action and increase brand recognition with vanity numbers
  • A leading auto dealer website reports 84% of consumers showed increased recall when ads featured vanity 800 numbers

The bottom line is that even if prospects don’t immediately call after seeing outdoor advertising the branding benefits are not diminished, market dominance is improved, and the value of a brand can be lifted.

Enhanced recall or number memorability from using vanity numbers means that even if consumers don’t have an immediate need for the product or service they are much more likely to remember and call when they do, increasing results over time.

At the same time toll free numbers have long been proven to increase response rates to direct marketing as well as conversions, helping businesses to get more out of every marketing dollar.

This is still a great time to negotiate good deals on outdoor advertising and it can dramatically increase overall results when targeted in coordination with other initiatives from mobile to cold calling. In fact, as business improves in 2013 the demand for outdoor advertising is certainly anticipated to increase, enabling those negotiating discounts on long term deals now to block competitors and protect their market share.

Still, the extent to which this is successful clearly relies a lot on the inclusion of toll free vanity numbers. Do you have yours yet?

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