How to Properly Monitor Your Inbound Phone Leads

by: Custom Toll Free , July 14, 2016

One of the greatest advantages of a vanity toll-free number is the ability to produce higher lead volumes. You’re looking to turn prospects into customers, so as these leads enter your sales funnel, it’s important to manage them effectively. Here are four tools to help you successfully increase conversion rates on your inbound phone leads:

Use your online account manager

Your toll-free number comes with an easy-to-use online account manager. This includes features like instant ring-to updates, voicemail and notification settings, caller ID, custom call forwarding and call blocking. You can view your call history in real time and analyze calls based on volume, talk time and origination. Call history lets you achieve any missed calls, so there’s no way you’ll miss a sale.

Run call reports

Once in your online account manager, you can enter a date range to view calls within that time period. You can pull up a report of all call details. You can then either send an email with this report or export the data into an Excel spreadsheet. You also have multiple options for sorting your call data, making it easy to analyze.

Smartly set up your voicemail

You can set up voicemail to come directly to your email, so you’ll never miss a call again. You can choose to forward calls to another number, or send them directly to voicemail. Instead of checking your voicemails by phone, you can neatly organize them in your inbox. Using your online account manager, select a file type and time limit for your voicemails and personalize your voicemail greeting by calling the access number.

Custom call forwarding

Custom call forwarding allows you to direct calls based on state, area code or even individual phone numbers. For example, you can route all calls from Nevada to ring to one number and all calls from Nebraska to ring to another.

Call recording

With call recording, you can play a brief announcement before a call connects. Customize the announcement to identify which toll-free number was dialed, which ad the caller was answering or any type of message you choose. This is especially helpful when using a phone that doesn’t display Caller ID, or when multiple 800 numbers ring to the same phone number.

Upgrade your business image and successfully monitor your inbound leads with a vanity toll-free number. Custom Toll Free offers multiple services to make sure you achieve maximum response.

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