Phone Calls Are the Better Lead – Always

by: Custom Toll Free , June 9, 2015

While social networking is taking communication to a new level, there is still no substitute for phone calls. Whether your customers are calling you or you are calling them, a voice on the line is worth a thousand words.

There is simply no replacement for the measure of benefits in human voice interaction. When you take a look at the psychology behind human voice communication, you’ll begin to understand why phone calls are the better lead—always!

Attributes of Voice Communication

It is clear to most business peers that voice communication is the force behind small business goals: to sell products and services. When two or more people interact, learning and understanding take place, which in turn builds trust, relationships, and loyalty. Effective voice communication provides the avenue for four key attributes that are significant in lead generation:

·       Expression. The ability to express yourself, describe, and make a point about your products with passion.

·       Understanding. When you can better explain your services, customers respond, taking the guesswork out of writing or a voice message that are often lost in translation or interpretation.

·       Satisfaction. Both you and your patrons experience satisfaction when a verbal understanding is achieved.

·       A personal approach. By communicating verbally, the option for a personal friendship or finding common ground on a more personal level is possible.

The attributes in live voice communication generally outweigh that of the written word. When customers are given an opportunity and encouraged to make a phone call, or when you call them, your odds for lead generation increase.

The CX (“Customer Experience”) in Toll Free Calling

As lead generation increases via voice communication, imagine the benefits in customer toll free calling. The chances of prospects or leads placing a phone call increase by as much as 30 percent. Toll free numbers are still the number one marketing technique, as Internet businesses compete to offer the best user experiences.

Additionally, vanity numbers are reaching new generations to offer memorable user experiences. As customer loyalty takes place, customers recall your vanity number—a phone number in the form of a word that represents your brand and resonates with those who have dialed it.

Consider the long-term results when your customers dial a vanity number like 1-844-GET-GADGETS instead of 1-844-438-4234. They are going to remember it, and are more likely to share it with their friends and family.

Click-to-Call…and What You’re Probably Missing

Click-to-Call; Toll Free Numbers; Small Business; MarketingDoes your business also use click-to-call? This new trend really enhances the customer experience. But what is it? Since most consumers use their Smartphones or tablets to surf the web, they like having the option to click a phone number to call when they visit the “contact” section of a website.

In fact, this handy little feature drives big results. How? Well, 39 percent of mobile searchers use click-to-call. So why shouldn’t you?  As shown, 47 percent of users find it frustrating or annoying when a website doesn’t have a click-to-call option and another 47 percent will likely go with a competing brand that does.

By not getting in the faces of the 39 percent of potential customers by offering a click-to-call option, not only are you frustrating 47 percent of those potential customers, but you are losing out to the competition. Avoid this huge mistake by optimizing your website with a click-to-call feature. It’s simple, and effective.  An instant upgrade to click-to-call is to have a brand matching, memorable vanity number as the number displayed. Not only will they be able to click to reach you, they’ll also remember your number long after visiting your site.

Meaningful Verbal Messages

Small Business, Toll Free Numbers, Call Conversions, Phone Calls, Lead Conversions, MarketingA phone call is certain to extend meaningful verbal messages that go a long way toward lead generation. A phone exchange often results in collective activities in which meaning is formed, and that’s where sales relationships begin. When you are generating leads for your small business, toll free calling is a minimal investment with promising results. You increase incoming calls, improve your sales, and go the extra mile to express your brand.

People are talking, and phone calls continue to be one of the best ways to generate leads for your company. Invest in a toll free vanity number your leads will love. Remember, the secret behind sales is a smile…and a smile can be heard—and is still contagious—through a phone call.

To learn more about how toll free calling and toll free numbers can be the best possible lead for your business, contact the expert team at Custom Toll Free today at 1-800-CUSTOMIZE.


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