One easy way to limit where your vanity-number calls originate

by: Custom Toll Free , September 13, 2016

A toll-free vanity number gives your small business an established presence, increases its net worth, maximizes advertising ROI and, most importantly, increases consumers’ trust in your brand. The numerous benefits of a vanity number make the small investment well worth the cost, and over time you’ll find it essentially pays for itself. A toll-free number that encourages individuals from all over the country to dial your business, however, isn’t always the smartest move.

Why limiting to just local and state calls is important

There aren’t many arguments to be made against having a toll-free number. That being said, it’s important to consider service area carefully when setting yours up. If you operate a small business that serves only local consumers, such as a hair salon or floral shop, extending your service area nationwide could do more harm than good. Calls could come in from across the country, tying up your phone line and precious time for no good reason. It’s better to limit your calls to just the state your business serves instead.

How Custom Toll Free can help

Custom Toll Free offers two types of coverage: Nationwide and Just My Area. When you choose Just My Area, you are able to select the exact area codes you would like to use. You will then receive calls only from consumers whose phone numbers start with the prefixes you select, preventing time and money from being wasted on individuals located too far away to visit your business.

How to get started today

From 1-800-Contacts to 1-800-Progressive, well-known brands in wide-ranging industries are using toll-free numbers to increase inbound calls and establish credibility. Make it easy for customers to reach your small business, too, by getting a vanity number that anyone in your state can call. All you have to do is search vanity numbers within your industry, choose your favorite number and select the coverage that best fits the needs of your company. Click here to learn more.

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