Marketing magic: The power of names and numbers

by: admin , October 21, 2009

Octane Magazine recently published an article by Custom Toll Free CEO Christopher Rugh with strategies for selecting company names that attract business. Not surprisingly, many of the tips Christopher has for naming a company also apply when you’re selecting a vanity toll-free number. As you look for a number, aim for one that meets one of these criteria:

  • Easy to pronounce. This is particularly important if you will be using radio and television advertising. Plus, easy-to-pronounce words are easier for people to remember. If your business name is difficult to pronounce, consider choose a vanity toll free number than focuses on your product or services instead. An example: 1-888-Pet-Walks.
  • Easy to visualize. People are far more likely to remember a business concept that they can “see.” Think 1-888-Red-Paint. Or 1-866-Big-Boat.
  • Distinctive. In recent years, there has been a trend in the technology and consumer products sectors toward colorful “nonsense names” — such as Google, Yahoo, Zappos (shoes) and Talking Rain. The best of these are highly memorable. If your business or service has one of these unique “nonsense” names, you may find yourself way ahead in the vanity toll free number game. Your custom toll free number will not only be memorable — it should be relatively easy to acquire.

A toll free number is a key marketing and sales tool, and selecting that number is a major business decision worthy of a strategic approach. We invite you to get started exploring the databank of available toll-free numbers using Custom Toll Free’s powerful automated lookup tool.

If you need a more customized approach, or want to inquire about getting a number that is not currently in the available pool, please contact us. At Custom Toll Free, we have experience helping companies find exactly the right vanity toll-free number — and the toll-free services that match their business needs.

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