It’s Summer – Take Your Phone Calls Anywhere

by: Custom Toll Free , June 16, 2015

Small Business, Phone Calls, Summer 2015, Toll Free BenefitsIt’s that time of year when the temps are just right and resorts are offering the best deals of the summer. Whether your small business is taking you to a remote location across the globe, or your family vacation travel is calling for an island getaway, you can rely on a system that can route your calls wherever you need them to go. There is both a customer and a small business advantage in offering your customers toll free numbers.

When you rely on a toll free number with online call routing management for your quick and easy updates, it’s like you never left your office. Consider a branded vanity number that customers don’t forget, and receive calls all summer long.

With a toll free vanity phone number for your small business, you can:

Personalize Your Message. Even though you are relaxing poolside at a first-class resort, your customers will receive a personalized message as if you were working around the clock. They get to inquire about your services at no cost to them, while you gain the benefit in continued customer support and brand recognition.

Update Your Status. It’s easy to update your status with the online call routing management system. Change your toll free number message daily, and keep your clients informed, no matter where you might be lounging or relaxing. Direct callers based on your availability, or redesign your message based on daily business needs.

Reroute Your Calls. If you seek uninterrupted voice response services, a toll free number allows you to custom-route or reroute calls any time of the day or night, to or from any location. Impress your audiences with reliable uptime, up-to-date information, and call routing that can place them in communication with an appropriate staff member or provide an automated response. Your phone support is covered, and you have call management tools at your fingertips.

Work Virtually From Any Location Across the Globe. Virtual communication is on the forefront in the success of corporate business solutions, and toll free calling is one more way you can manage your communication challenges. Working virtually is a key productivity component for many small businesses. Every month of the year counts. You gain the flexibility to be anywhere across the globe, and yet you take no breaks in supporting your customers or promoting your brand.

While it is uncertain what type of cell service you may receive in a foreign country, what is certain is the reliable performance in toll free calling, routing, and call management. Even though you may be taking a break from your daily business routine, your customers will experience seamless support from your enterprise.

With a branded vanity number, you receive more calls and greater opportunities. Don’t delay in acquiring a toll free number from Custom Toll Free to support your small business all summer long.



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