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by: Custom Toll Free , November 8, 2015

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Company Overview

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Company Name: happy name – www.happyname.com

Contact Name: Jamison Hill, Founder

Location: San Francisco

Happy name is a one-stop shop for serious entrepreneurs, start-ups, and marketers to find relevant, marketing-ready branding assets for new and existing projects. Happy name is the “universal brand search tool.”

Within a single search, happy name checks if the business name you are interested in has a matching and available domain name, trademarks, vanity toll-free number, and social media handles for Facebook and Twitter.

Within the results of a single search, happy name also checks to see if there are any existing or pending trademark applications that contain the name or term you’re looking to build a brand behind.

Happy name was founded in Q1 of 2015 and is based out of San Francisco, CA.

Here are some questions we asked Jamison Hill, happy name’s founder:

Who are your target customers for happyname.com?

Happy name’s target customers are definitely startups. As they are beginning their businesses, having matching brand assets is an extremely important element in a branding strategy.

However, established businesses – primarily with toll free numbers – are also target customers. Many companies still leverage traditional markets, but also don’t know how to get a matching toll free number. We want to help with that.

How did toll free numbers become a part of happy name’s offering?

I was working on another business related to outdoor advertising, and the 855 toll free prefix was just being released. They were very relevant to that business, and they just always stuck with me.

As we were developing happy name, I thought it would be the perfect branding tool to add, so that more people would know about toll free numbers more commonly.

Then, we found Custom Toll Free, who has been a great partner to work with. It’s been a great experience.

To learn more, and use happy name’s services, visit www.happyname.com.

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