Free Fit Floors Starts and Thrives with a Toll Free Number [Case Study]

by: admin , April 30, 2015

Company Overview

Company Name: Free Fit Floors –

Toll Free Number: 1-800-230-1000

Contact Name: David Reichwein, CEO

Location: Pennsylvania

Industry: Building Materials



Free Fit Floors is a vertically integrated architectural specialty products company that includes flooring, countertop, and cabinets. We first began the business in 2009, and we got our toll free number when we started the company.


How did you implement your toll free number as a solution?

I wanted the number to become part of the brand, so when people think Free Fit Floors, they think 800-230-1000, so that they don’t have to work to remember the number; they’ll just remember it.

We include the toll free number with our brand on everything—from  all of our literature to sponsored race car graphics.

We’d rather list our phone number than our web address,  as a phone call is a bi-directional connection versus one way on a website. People get too comfortable, and they present things without getting feedback. The best is always face-to-face, but the next is voice, and after that is email/texting communication. When you’re on a phone call you get real-time feedback, and are able to change things.

What do you do when you don’t want to talk to someone? You text them. A phone call is a much more connected way of communicating.

The phone number makes us money. We never would have thought that, but it does. Our calls turn into meaningful, significant sales.


What were some surprise benefits that you’ve found by implementing a toll free number?

Having a toll free number is a huge validator. It’s just like having a warehouse of products; people know that you’re going to be around awhile. It’s similar to sending an email from or versus using your company domain email address. You wonder if it’s a boiler room, or someone operating out the back of a car when you get a generic email; the same goes for a toll free versus local number.

Just like banks that always have the biggest building in town giving the image of safety and security, a quality toll free number has the same effect.


Advice you have from your experience in implementing a toll free number in your business marketing and operations:

Make sure that it’s a part of the whole branding strategy.


Any specific percentages, statistics, or KPI’s you want to share as a result from using a toll free number:

We’ve seen considerable growth in our call volume from the beginning, and have now stabilized out to an excellent call volume.


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