Enhance Small Business Growth with a Personal and Powerful Toll Free Number

by: Custom Toll Free , January 6, 2014

Small Business Growth; Toll Free Benefits; Toll Free NumbersAll small businesses the same obstacles: competing against larger conglomerates, offering competitive prices, and staying in business. Small, local businesses—including the American “mom and pop” appeal—are not dying, but it has become increasingly difficult for these businesses to not only stay in business, but grow.

How can these small businesses stop worrying about staying afloat, and worry more about growing? Many small businesses are turning to new advertising mediums. One popular and highly effective form of advertising is a toll free number. So what exactly does small business growth have to do with a toll free number? Here are a few powerful benefits toll free numbers can have on a small business.

Improve Online Conversions

Regardless of whether your small business is a retail store or operates as an ecommerce site, offering a toll free number is an essential addition to the “contact us” or “help” section of a website. Customers feel more confident working with a small business with a registered and active toll free number. It offers a sense of legitimacy and comfort in that your small business cares for its customers. Simply offering a toll free number on a website can lead to huge online conversions.

A Toll Free Number Gets Personal

Today the user and customer is looking for an individual, personalized, interactive experience. Toll free numbers add that personal touch and offer customers the opportunity to speak with a live representative and express their concerns or ask their questions. In addition, many businesses with websites offer online chat assistance features with the option to call for assistance toll free. Customers are more intrigued by the personal element of customer service being offered.

People Still Like to Use the Phone

Regardless of how much time customers and users spend online on a mobile device, Smartphone, tablet, or laptop, ongoing studies purport that most people still prefer to do business over the phone. In fact, the United States telemarketing industry employed an estimated 245,000 employees, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of May 2012. Don’t misinterpret society’s need and addiction to technological devices and make a deadly mistake by not offering a toll free number.

Finally, if you are looking to take your small business one step further and spearheading small business growth, consider a toll free number. A toll free number can have a more powerful impact on your small business conversions, customer retention, call back rates, and even growth. Get a little more personal with the power of a toll free number.


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