Custom Toll Free Announces Kindle Fire Holiday Contest Winner and New Special: 50% Off Your 800 Toll Free Number Monthly License

by: 00juno , December 18, 2012

During the weekend of December 14th through December 16th, Custom Toll Free, your industry leader in 800 toll free numbers put on a contest through Facebook, granting users and fans the opportunity to win a Kindle Fire by simply liking the official Custom Toll Free Facebook fan page and posting your favorite holiday memory. With that said, we’ve chosen Kristen Vizcaino Emigh as the winner and recipient of the Kindle Fire. Given the nature of her story, we sincerely hope that’s the only “fire” she’ll see through the Holidays. Puns intended.


Now before you get all “bah humbug”, set your Scrooge aside because Custom Toll Free’s got another special something for this Holiday Season. Throughout the month of December, by using the code “winter50percent”, you’ll receive 50% off your monthly license for your 800 toll free numbers. This also includes spotlight and industry-specific 800 numbers, so we’re not leaving the 855’s, 866’s, 877’s, 888’s, and others hanging for the holidays.


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Custom Toll Free views 800 numbers as a gift that keeps on giving. Whether through commerce, communication, or direct services, 800 toll free vanity numbers will continue to be a brand amenity that bridges gaps and builds businesses. So in the holiday spirit of giving, we’re cutting 50% off the licensing cost for December. So go on and grab an 800 line and decorate it like you would any other holiday decoration. Embark upon the gift of connection and watch the magic unfold.

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