Contest Winner Receives Kindle Fire from Custom Toll Free. Reminder of Holiday Promotion.

by: 00juno , December 21, 2012

Kristen Vizcaino Emigh was selected as the winner of our second Kindle Fire contest of the year. We at Custom Toll Free wish Kristen best of luck this holiday season and for the upcoming year. We hope the Kindle Fire kicks off her holiday the right way, with no accidents this time around. Below, in its unedited form, is Kristen’s story from which we enjoyed the irony and humor. This contest was truly a pleasure for us.


Holiday Memory: I know it's kinda horrible but two years in a row my husband’s family managed to start small fires in their house on Christmas. The 1st time we had just walked in the door and they brilliantly had all their Christmas cards set up on an end table w/ a few lit candles near the door so when it opened the cndles blew into the cards and instant fire, so after soaking all the cards xmas began.. the next year during xmas dinner I could swear I smelt something burning and even though I was almost 30 I was still at the "kids" table and I looked around the corner to see all the wrapping paper that was strewn about the living room had caught up since someone forgot to close the front of the fireplace.. so after much swearing and more water dinner it is just a running joke, about their poor fire safety and to see what they catch on fire next but those are to christmases none of us have forgotten *lol* We all laugh about it and they are a bit more careful now- knock on wood they did not catch their house on fire last year..wish them luck this year !!!!   —Kristen Vizcaino Emigh


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Having received the Kindle Fire, Kristen sent us a photo with the remark, “Thank you very much Custom TollFree!!! I am so excited, and yes I am hoping it is the only fire this year *lol* Thank you again for the great contest !!!! You really made my X-Mas !!!!!!! If I could hug you from here I would !!!!!!”


From all of us at Custom Toll Free, we’d like to wish you happy holidays. Throughout December you can enjoy a 50% discount on your monthly license for your 800 toll free numbers. When it comes to Custom Toll Free and 800 toll free numbers, we’ll stuff your stockings with services all year round.

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