Why aren’t your phones ringing? Maybe your strategy needs tweaking

Why aren't your phones ringing? Maybe your strategy needs tweaking
by: Custom Toll Free , September 19, 2017

You started your call marketing campaign several weeks ago, but your phones aren’t ringing as often as you anticipated. Why isn’t your campaign generating the inbound calls you expected?

More than likely, you just need to tweak certain elements of your campaign to align more closely with your overall strategy.

“For (today’s buyers), the phone is a natural extension of the digital experience, and it should be a major part of your strategy,” advises a recent Salesforce blog. “The first step is getting a firm grasp on driving calls. When you’ve got the right tools in place, the phone becomes your most effective and trustworthy ally.”

Consider whether you’re optimizing the following when it comes to driving positive responses to your mobile ads.

Is your ad copy clear and simple? It should start with a brief headline, then (in different-sized copy) state your offer in four lines or less, ending with a strong call to action that reassures calls will be immediately answered. Try to appeal briefly to a customer need or want, aiming for a knee-jerk and/or emotional response.

Are your ads showing up at optimal times? Depending on your industry, your customers are much more likely to buy at different times of the day, week, month and/or year. Market research can help you narrow down those windows so your ads can be broadcast accordingly.

Are your call buttons prominent enough in your ads? They should be in a color that contrasts with their backgrounds and large enough to be easily accessed even by big-fingered users.

Do your ads include easy-to-remember vanity phone numbers viewers can easily recall if they wish to buy later? Adding a phone number to paid search ads increases click-through rates by an average of 8 percent, according to Google. Are those numbers also highly viewable on your website, lead forms, landing pages, in your blogs and white papers and throughout your social media presence? Ensure that customers can reach out to you in response to your content — or at any other time they’re moved to do so.

Are you continually A/B testing? Running two ad alternatives by your audiences before and during your campaign can reveal surprising details about which messages create the biggest response. Take advantage of tools allowing you to fine-tune your campaign accordingly.

Are you tracking your calls? Taking this step provides insight into exactly where your calls are coming from, and at what times, so you can buy your next ad space accordingly. Dynamic number insertion can be highly efficient in achieving that.

Are you optimizing analytics tools? The best tools on the market compile data about your calls and callers and turn it into actionable insights about your target audiences, allowing you to spend money and resources more wisely in future campaigns.

Are you using geolocation tools? This technology lets your ads target customers in your geographic region, encouraging them to respond by calling or just visiting your business to make a purchase.

“Digital fosters mass communication and self-serve education, but it’s never going to completely replace voice conversations,” advises Salesforce. “For many businesses, phone conversations are the most important point of contact, and marketers need to start paying attention. I promise, you’ll never hear a sales rep complain they’re getting too many quality buyers calling.”

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