7 Quick and Easy Ways To Promote Toll Free Numbers

by: blog-editor2 , December 21, 2010

If you have taken advantage of partnering up with a leading toll free number provider via an affiliate marketing program, check out the following quick and easy ways to let your visitors and clients know about your new service.


1. Blog

Your blog is one of the easiest and fastest ways to let all of your prospects and past clients know you are now offering toll free services. If you have chosen a leading toll free number provider to work with, you should find that it has already created some marketing materials, such as blog posts, for you to use.


2. Email

Why not use the opportunity of launching this new addition to your service to send out a new email campaign announcing your toll free number offerings. Or you can incorporate the news in with your regular enewsletters or autoresponders.


3. Banner Ads

A great toll free numbers service provider already ought to have created banners and image ads for you to use. You can use them on your own site or launch a PPC or CPM campaign via Google Adwords, Facebook, YouTube, or similar sites.


4. Your Own Toll Free Number

If you haven’t had your own until now, what better way to promote toll free numbers to your website traffic, channel partners, prospects, and past clients than to announce your own new winning number. You may even want to get out a couple of press releases to capitalize on the event to gain more publicity.


5. Twitter

Toyota this week showed that it thought a Tweet was worth $500 by offering big incentives to those re-Tweeting their latest promotions. Twitter is obviously the fastest and most direct way to get the message out about your toll free service partnership.


6. Website

Why not add an announcement or new page to your website about toll free numbers? More fresh new content is always loved by the search engines and could help you improve your overall traffic volume.


7. Sticky Widgets

The best toll free number providers have developed incredibly powerful sticky widgets for enabling your website visitors to make quick searches for winning toll free numbers right from your website and returning premium vanity number ideas instantly. Use these to boost the value of your website and hold traffic.

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