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Monthly Archives: September 2017

You started your call marketing campaign several weeks ago, but your phones aren’t ringing as often as you anticipated. Why isn’t your campaign generating the inbound calls you expected? More than likely, you just need to tweak certain elements of your campaign to align more closely with your overall strategy. “For (today’s buyers), the phone […]

You’re not alone if your small company has yet to embrace social media tools. In fact, a study this year found that 24 percent of small businesses in the U.S. still have no social media presence at all. Given the workload of small business owners, that’s not surprising; many are likely daunted by the prospect of forming strategy […]

Owning your own business is time-intensive by its very nature, and it can notoriously be exhausting. One recent study found 19 percent of U.S. entrepreneurs work 60 hours or more per week, while 30 percent work 50 to 59, and 33 percent work 40 to 49. So much for work-life balance. “Every small-business owner faces the same […]