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Monthly Archives: July 2017

If you’re a time-starved small business owner, taking time to create and assemble a manual for policies and procedures may not seem like your top priority. Still, establishing your company mission, rules and procedures in written form can go a long way toward keeping your company organized and productive as you grow. The better you […]

Since it first became an option in 1994, digital advertising has evolved to the point it can effectively target most any audience you choose. Not only that, but working in the digital realm has become easy, quickly adaptable and cost effective. It negates the need for long-term contracts, monitors its own success, and allows you […]

Baby boomers still remember the days when cents-off coupons were snipped out of fliers and periodicals. Now, the digital age has made couponing much easier for both consumers and marketers. The marketing technique tends to be especially efficient and effective when conducted online. After all, customers still love the idea of getting a good deal; […]

Now that technology is enabling simultaneous marketing campaigns through multiple venues, the concept of integrated marketing is taking off by leaps and bounds. The method utilizes traditional outbound marketing venues such as TV, print and radio with inbound, primarily digital marketing to reach a wide range of demographics according to their preferences and buying behaviors. […]