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Monthly Archives: May 2015

There is a reason Custom Toll Free attends the “world’s largest eCommerce networking event of the year.” When a company is 100% focused on the success of their clients, this is the kind of event that supports those efforts. We take every measure to stay focused, current, and engaged in new technologies, best selling practices, and […]

Trying to successfully market a small business can sometimes seem like a daunting, utile task. The overwhelming presence of the big names in business is sometimes enough to dismay even the most optimistic entrepreneur. However, small businesses can employ a range of guerilla advertising tactics. One such tactic is a toll free number. Toll free […]

Toll free numbers are simply one of the few cross-generational marketing tools that are still widely used today – not to mention a customer advantage you can offer at a minimal cost to your business. You have an opportunity to boost your brand image while attracting a diverse customer base that knows what it means […]

A solid marketing automation strategy for small businesses should include customer toll free calling—a cost-effective choice that generally yields a high return on investment. Most marketing automation strategies are based on social media and email connections, but you may be missing out on valuable call tracking data that could change the way you are doing […]