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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Why are people always talking about toll free numbers? Furthermore, why are toll free numbers always in the news? Memorable vanity numbers create a lasting impression, establish credibility, build trust, and best of all, provide the highest return on your marketing investment. 1-800-MEMORABLE Small businesses with creative and effective vanity numbers that include memorable words […]

The highly competitive environment in which your small business operates means you need a branding strategy to separate you from the crowded field. What does branding exactly mean for small business owners? Branding is the marketing strategy that creates a name, symbol, and/or design that provides a unique identity for your small business. Your brand […]

The weather is becoming crisp, the leaves are changing, and the kids are back in school. All these are clear signs that summer is over. While most of us are sad to see the summer go, these signs also mean another thing: It’s finally football season. It’s the time of year when we are glued […]

We’ve talked before about female-owned businesses and how that number increases each day. From stay-at-home moms to women holding executive level positions, September 22nd is all about women in business. Believe it or not, Business Women’s Day first began in the 1940s with the foundation of the American Business Women’s Association in 1949. Since then, […]

Toll free numbers have changed the landscape of small business marketing tools. Instead of solely selecting a memorable toll free number and running with it, small business owners can also select a number of options to supercharge their toll free numbers. There are plenty of enhanced services to consider that maximize the effectiveness of any […]

Small business owners often feel overwhelmed with the many “hats” they wear on a daily basis. There are many facets to manage such as managing a team, keeping the books, displaying exceptional customer service, functioning as a salesperson, and the list goes on. While each of these areas is crucial, one of the biggest challenges […]

Many of the small business owners understand the benefits of toll free numbers. Vanity numbers build the type of trust that produces instant credibility. The numbers boost your small business brand in highly competitive markets. Most important, toll free numbers provide an excellent return on your marketing dollars. Today it’s all about big data. Small […]

Successful small business owners search for the competitive edge that helps boost customer counts and store sales. They try to earn the small wins that keep their small businesses thriving in a tough economic climate. One of the ways successful small businesses win in a highly competitive industry is by acquiring toll free numbers. Three […]

The advent of toll free numbers represented a breakthrough for small businesses. By dialing 1-800 numbers, customers no longer had to pay for long distance charges. Small businesses across the country saw revenues increase, as customers began interacting with small businesses located hundreds of miles away. Over the past ten years, the explosion in digital […]

As a small business owner and entrepreneur, you’ve most likely heard of toll free numbers. By now you’ve heard about all the features, the benefits, and the wonders they can do for customer satisfaction, retention, and even your bottom line. You may have also seen what they can do for your competitors and how they […]