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Monthly Archives: October 2013

toll free numbers, vanity numbers, small business growthSo how do you grow a small business? Step one: Make it easy for customers to contact you. For some customers, it is all about calling a number for free with the ease and convenience of their mobile phones. For others, it’s about the ability to easily recall a number.

Studies concur that toll free numbers increase brand recognition substantially. Perhaps this is why a large percentage of printed ads, including magazines, billboards and even newspaper advertisements, feature toll free numbers. It’s all about growing the business by expanding reach and connecting with existing as well as prospective customers in a unique, creative, and meaningful manner.

Small Business Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Online MarketingToday many small businesses use Facebook and other social media platforms to advertise as part of their online marketing strategy. While Facebook and other social media sites have various tools that small businesses can take advantage of and use in their advertising, you don’t have to use them all in your marketing strategy. So which Facebook tools are the most effective for small businesses and which aren’t worth your time?

Creating Ads

This December there is a lot more happening than just the holiday season or the New Year. The FCC will officially release the 844 prefix, which opens up a world of opportunities for small businesses to finally acquire that perfect vanity number—about 7 million. So what exactly are the benefits a new 844 vanity toll free number, and how can they be helpful to your businesses? Here are three hidden benefits small businesses can reap with a new 844 vanity number.

Increase Inbound Calls

Small Business, Small Business TechnologyWorking remotely has become a huge convenience and benefits to professionals, freelancers, and small business owners. Our integration of the Internet into society has had a huge impact on our work lives. Most professionals and small business owners will rave on how great it is and the huge benefits to working remotely. But, how do companies and employers benefit from working remotely?

Cost Reductions

With current business technology today, it is already possible for new and aspiring entrepreneurs to start new businesses, even without a physical office! This reduces many of the start up costs that are often involved and are very expensive including commuting, office space, rent, insurance, or even a mortgage. In addition, there are also many tax breaks and advantages to running a small business out of a home office or garage space!

Toll Free Numbers, Geo-Targeting, Small BusinessHere is something that you probably do not read about every day: vanity numbers do not necessarily have to be national. In fact, there are plenty of vanity numbers that are tied to a specific region or state at the owner’s request. Now you might be thinking this is crazy, but is actually rather explainable.


A unique and convenient feature to vanity and regular toll free numbers is the ability to assign it to specific regions. So, say your small business is a law firm and you want one vanity number for your firm, but you have offices in four different states. The good news is that you don’t have to go through the hassles of adding extensions or transferring callers. Your vanity number can be set to ring in multiple offices in specific regions, based upon the origination region of the caller.


844 vanity toll free numbers, toll free numberThe official date of the 844 toll free number release is December 7th, 2013. That’s less than 50 days away, and if you’re on the fence about when to pre-order your 844 toll free number, our advice is to pre-order earlier rather than later. Getting the vanity number you desire for your business will prove to bring bigger opportunities your way.

As a leading toll free number provider, Custom Toll Free has one of the fastest reservation systems available working around the clock pushing your request. You will also have the option to route your number to a different carrier or keep it with us for a wide array of amenities to boost your communication and conversions.

Small Business, Small Business Blog, EntrepreneursNo small business should be without a blog. Having a relevant and interesting blog should be a crucial component to any Internet marketing campaign. However, maintaining, managing, and contributing relevant and useful content and staying ahead in your industry can prove to be a challenging and overwhelming task. To understand this further, we first need to review how users search for information on the web.

Entrepreneurs, BreakfastDid you know that the time spent in the morning before work is one of the most important times of the day? What you do before eight in the morning can affect your activities for the entire day. This is especially important for all small business owners or entrepreneurs. As a matter of fact, many successful entrepreneurs in have opened up their morning routines to include various activities such as exercise, planning and organizing, and eating right.

Kick Start Your Day with a Little Exercise

It goes without saying that people would rather stay in bed in the morning than get up and exercise. However, exercising first thing in the morning is the perfect way to wake up, kick start your heart, get the blood pumping, and the mind cranking.

Small Business, Small Business BudgetsTimes are tough, especially for small businesses. Expenses are high, leads can be low, and it’s difficult to manage everything in between. Every dollar counts, and every dollar goes into managing and improving the business. Instead of spending too much time worrying about the money that your business makes and spends, here are some of the cost-cutting tips to help out small businesses.

Outsource Projects – Capitalize on freelance talent, especially for unique projects. Outsourcing can help with regular tasks such as content marketing, SEO, and link building methods. This will help you save a lot of money in the long run.

branding, vanity numbers, toll free numbers,The marketing landscape is expected to change in the near future with the 844 toll free prefix release on the not-too-distant horizon. The FCC only releases new toll free prefixes once every few years to a decade or due to high demand, which is the case with the new 844 toll free prefix. The 855 prefix was released several years ago and due to popularity and high demand, the FCC is now about to release the new 844 toll free prefix. This is a clear testament to how effective toll free numbers are for small businesses.



Monumental Moment for Small Businesses