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Monthly Archives: September 2012

You may have seen them featured on segments of shows such as “The Colbert Report” and “Parks and Recreation”, among others, and despite an ill-defined meaning or practicality use, “WordClouds” have become a rising trend over the last year. By definition, a word cloud—originally referred to as a “tag cloud”—serves as a visual representation for text data. It is mainly used for SEO purposes in determining keywords and popular phrases surrounding terms best used for optimization and link conversions. However, these tag clouds have become more relevant in the wake of web 2.0 rather than a simple weighted list showing what words catch on.


Here's one we made:


Vanity Numbers, Maximizing Marketing ROI, Mobile AppsPlanning a mobile app? How can you make sure it's a hit with the right crowd, sees masses of downloads, and generates real results?

While it's pretty easy to create mobile apps on multiple platforms today entrepreneurs do need to make sure they are focusing on the right operating system for getting their app in the hands of their ideal prospects. So who uses which devices?

Apple, LG, and Samsung are set to go head to head for market share as holiday gift buying season warms up. Which will you give?

Despite the new iPhone 5 still being far inferior to the current Android line up in many ways, and perhaps not doing near enough to be a future phone that will last, Apple shares topped $700 yesterday.

Affiliate Marketing, Branding Strategies, Vanity NumbersAre you getting the most out of your individual brand strategies and new product launches? There is more than one way to tackle individual brand strategy, each with its own advantages, which can help to boost success.

So what are some of the branding tweaks you might have overlooked which could increase the popularity and profitability of new brands and products you are working on rolling out?

Crowd Sourced Branding

Apple put the new iPhone 5 on the market today, receiving record demand but what does the new technology really mean for business marketing?

Apple started taking pre-orders for the new iPhone 5 today with estimates as many as 42 million phones could ship before end of year. Unfortunately, if you want one you're going to be in for a wait as the first batch sold out in the first hour.