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Monthly Archives: April 2017

Will the telephone ever disappear as a form of communication? Not in our lifetimes. Analysts contend there’s no way the digital word will ever replace voice-to-voice contact, especially when it comes to discussing complex or emotional subjects. Certain demographics still prefer the phone for all their customer service functions, while others recognize a strong preference […]

As a small-business owner, you may wonder if vanity toll-free numbers purchased from a professional provider are significantly different from the so-called “memorable” numbers you get from your phone company. That was the topic of a recent conversation on Quora, which concluded service providers have access to a much wider range of viable selections — […]

If you’re planning to launch an email marketing campaign, you may be in the market for email marketing software that can take care of a lot of the heavy lifting. One recent study of U.S. companies using marketing automation found that email marketing technology is the biggest category, used by 82 percent of respondents compared […]

If you’re a business professional, you’re likely familiar with the strategy that goes into finessing consumer perceptions through product marketing. You may be less acquainted with the concept of applying similar strategies to your personal brand. But such strategies can be particularly effective when you act as the “face” of your company or your persona […]