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Monthly Archives: February 2016

As a business owner, your main goals are to get your name out there, increase sales and grow your company. What if there were a single simple tool to help you accomplish all of these objectives? A vanity toll-free number adds sizzle to your existing marketing and make a big difference for your business. While […]

As a leader in new business, small business and startup branding services, Custom Toll Free is attending the Small Business Expo in Miami for the first time. We look forward to connecting with you, learning about your business and helping you find brand matching toll free numbers through our online search and reserve feature. If […]

It doesn’t matter how innovative or impressive your products and services are; without the right marketing campaign, your business can sink. Successful sales come from reaching customers through the right channels. It’s no secret that marketing is expensive, so it’s important to make sure your efforts are worth it. If you’re looking to improve your […]

  With the fast-paced nature of business and technology, some may think a sales voicemail message is a lost art. While a voicemail may not have the highest response rate, the responses you get usually involve a greater level of interest, and in this case, quality is often better than quantity. But in order to […]

Entrepreneurs comprise a unique group of people. As one of them, you’re an ambitious go-getter who perseveres when others would normally throw in the towel. In fact, only one-third of new businesses survive over ten years, according to the Small Business Administration, so your thick skin is necessary. But in order to help your small […]

A digital advertising campaign is one of the best places to use a vanity toll-free number. In fact, studies show that, on average, consumers’ recall is 75 percent higher for a vanity toll-free number than a numeric toll-free number. A vanity toll-free number is the perfect direct-response tool to combine all your marketing efforts, especially […]