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Monthly Archives: August 2014

Small business owners have to make tough decisions every day. The head scratching that runs from the start to the close of the day takes a toll on your mental and physical strength. One decision that small business owners should not have to grapple with involves toll free numbers. After learning about four toll free […]

Does it feel like your small business has lost its luster? Has the promise of your brand stagnated? When you jump into your small business in the morning, does it appear your brand has transformed into a lifeless enterprise? Do you feel like your small business is just going through the motions? Small business owners […]

A first-time promotion from Custom Toll Free enables new customers to try out a toll-free vanity number for 30 days. Mill Creek, Washington (PRWEB) August 26, 2014 Custom Toll Free is making it possible for businesses to test-drive a toll-free number. The 30-day trial includes a custom vanity number and 100 free minutes of toll-free […]

Today, August 22nd, 2014 is Hug Your Boss Day. It is an important day for those who run small businesses. What is Hug Your Boss Day and more important, what does Hug Your Boss Day mean for small business owners and entrepreneurs? What is Hug Your Boss Day? Hug Your Boss Day promotes workplace relationships, […]

Toll free numbers have emerged as one of the most cost effective ways to increase brand recognition among a growing number of customers. Unfortunately, entrepreneurs who make these five common toll free number mistakes will see more harm than good. Avoid reaching toxic levels in your small business by ensuring you are using toll free […]

Starting a business and taking that step to embracing and becoming a true entrepreneur is scary. There‚Äôs no doubt about it. There is a lot at risk: time, resources, and money, just to name a few. Depending on the type of business an aspiring entrepreneur is looking to start, a significant amount of resources and […]

Running a small business can feel like you are at the helm of the Titanic. Small leaks in your small business boat often turning into large gaps that consume all of your time and energy. Small business owners and entrepreneurs should pay special attention to gaps that might exist in their online presence, marketing strategy, […]

Toll free numbers represent one of the most cost effective marketing strategies available to small business owners. Small businesses can better connect with your valued regular customers, as well and attract new customers to your small business. Toll free numbers also provide you with the benefits of stronger brand awareness and credibility that builds trust. […]

Now that you have acquired toll free numbers, the temptation may arise to simply walk away from the phone and hope customers call your small business with questions about your products and services. However, simply adding a few toll free numbers does not guarantee your small business sees an uptick in business. You need to […]

Work like a Dog Day has some entrepreneurs and small business owners confused. After all, every time we check on our beloved canines, there seems to be more dozing and less doing. However, August 5th is the day we honor the hardest working among us, and that includes entrepreneurs and small business owners who have […]