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Monthly Archives: July 2014

Small business owners must possess superhero powers to stay on top of the responsibilities required to operate successful enterprises. From working extra-long hours to multitasking and wearing multiple “hats”, entrepreneurs often wish they had an elusive magic wand to help them get everything done accomplish all of their goals. The magic wand you need to […]

While many would agree that summer is their favorite time of year, it can also mean the slowest season of the year for small businesses. With families taking vacations to outdoor activities taking precedence, small business owners find they have a lot of free time on their hands…unless your business is a convenient beach resort, […]

Entrepreneurs juggle myriad tasks every day. The hectic schedule combined with unexpected obstacles creates a frenzied work environment that causes the visionary business leaders to miss the bigger picture. After all, entrepreneurs are the captain that steers the small business ship. They need to step back at times to ask important questions that pertain to […]

Internet marketing has introduced small businesses to several effective ways to attract new customers and keep loyal customers engaged. Content marketing may be the most cost effective Internet marketing strategy of all…and you’ve finally got it figured out. You or an assigned team member consistently posts compelling and informative content to your small business website […]

Being an entrepreneur comes with a certain territory, a set of expectations, and a certain personality to be successful. Of course, entrepreneurships all have their own methodologies and personalities that go into operating them, not to mention industry, but one thing is certainly in common: Being an entrepreneur means making the most out of every […]

Most small business owners have a myriad of tools at their disposal to help them with operations. The tools level the playing field between the entrepreneur and large corporations. However, the tools used by small business owners can be overwhelming. From intricate accounting software to extensive content marketing programs, small business owners stretch their time […]

Toll free numbers provide small business owners with several benefits. The catchy phone numbers build instant credibility among prospective customers who need to trust you before they work with you. Toll free numbers also establish customer recognition of your business, as well as provide you with a higher return on your marketing investment. However, perhaps […]

With temperatures soaring and the humidity taking its toll, many small businesses enjoy an increase in business during the summer months as vacations, day trips, and the urge to just get out is in the thick, humid air. In addition to escaping the heat, consumers also have more free time to peruse your selection of […]

Many small business owners believe that only large corporate behemoths need toll free numbers. After all, why would a small business of less than ten employees devote one crucial and talented resource to handle incoming toll free number calls? Small business is all about interacting with customers whenever they walk through the door, right? Here’s […]

The celebration of Independence Day on July 4th is the most significant American holiday. Communities across the United States organize special events to commemorate the principles liberty and freedom. The holiday has so much meaning to Americans that most small businesses close their doors to salute the country’s most hallowed day. Unlike what we see […]